January 12, 2009

the work is sweet. [11.17.08]

alma 22:23
"Now this was done in the presence of the queen and many of the servants. And when they saw it they greatly marveled, and began to fear. And the king stood forth, and began to minister unto them. And he did minister unto them, insomuch that his whole household were converted unto the Lord."

i continue to see how great of an importance MEMBERS are in this sweet work ..
we were @ a dinner appointment with the HENSELS [GB 1st ward] and we were getting to know them and they told me they had lived in NAPERVILLE and immediately i thought of the CANNONS and asked them if they knew and they just smiled and said "they are our best friends !" after i told great stories of my adventures in provo with DANE and WYNN .. brother hensel said "let me tell you WHY they are our best friends" .. He told me how brother cannon was who helped him in HIS OWN conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. it is an amazing story and made me realize more then ever how WE [the members] NEED to be ACTIVELY involved in missionary work EVERYWHERE ! i loved also making a connection even when i am 1,525 miles away from home !

i also learned and important lesson on asking the RIGHT & BEST questions. we did service @ Edison Middle School and we were talking to this long term sub, Michael, while we were talking i asked him the question, "are you married ?" KIND OF AWKWARD especially as a missionary right ??! well the BEST question should of been "do you have a family ?" or something like that. well needless to say it WAS awkward, even more so b.c. the ZL's were there and my sweet s'hood keeps giving me a hard time about it ! the funniest part though is .. a couple days later we were at the Preble High School Musical and HE WAS THERE ! then the next day was the youths super saturday and they were learning how to ballroom dance and guess who walked through the door .. SAME GUY ! s'hood said its a sign that he needs the gospel .. it was just a little awkward BUT i learned a GREAT lesson on asking questions !

i had my first BRATS this week .. i've been in wisconsin for close to 3 months and finally had a brat ! it was a beer brat at that and i actually LIKED it ! [ i hope you are proud of me papa :) ]
my new favorite sport is VOLLEYBALL ! not only do we play on pday usually and its always team hood & team warner as the captains but we play weekly with a group of women @ the church who are mostly non members ! they are so good and im just saying my skills are improving !

bishop huzzey gave CORRY a copy of PMG to study in preparation of baptism and being a full member of the church. we are studying the lessons with here and the commitments we leave with her are to read principles out of the lessons and then teach US ! she is so good !
the LOUTHAINS are one of my favorites in the GB 1st ward ! we had dinner with them this week and they were saying how times are getting crazier for the LDS church and the persecution is becoming more prevalent then before. i know i have heard a lot about waht is going on in CALIFORNIA with prop 8 being passed. i wish i could be there to help out in the cause but i am doing that here in WISCONSIN too ! i started feeling bad for all the MISSIONARIES in CALIFORNIA b.c. of the backlash of prop 8 but what keeps coming to mind is Robert D. Hales conference talk "Christian Courage: The Price of Discipleship" [http://www.lds.org/conference/talk/display/0,5232,23-1-947-22,00.html] we need to have CHRISTIAN COURAGE and "see the chance to teach in opposition." my thoughts and prayers are with you california !

our fav JRIB [ jenni ribbens ] came out to be a missionary with us again and while we were out we needed to get s'hood a bike box so she can ship her bike home and we got one all right BUT we were in jribs MINI COOPER .. we tried and tried to fit it but it was just not working .. luckily the ZL's drive a MINI VAN and helped us out !

this week is a big one for us on UWGB .. we have a booth set up with a banner, flyers and candy for the "MORMON TREK THROUGH HISTORY" extravaganza on November 23rd ! its great being among the college people of the GB area who are all searching for some truth. we are continuing to make progress weekly here !

i went to my first branch meeting yesterday. that was interesting. the STURGEON BAY BRANCH building is tiny and there are prop about 30people there, sometimes less ! i have the opportunity to speak in the sturgeon bay branch next week actually .. and the sunday after that all 4 missionaries in the GB 1st ward have the opportunity to speak there ! i love being a missionary .. i also got to teach the LAURELS class 2 sundays ago and i LOVE the YW !

little update on SISTER HOOD .. this is our LAST FULL WEEK together. my heart is sad and happy at the same time. i will miss her but i am excited about a new comp and the work i have here to do !
her homecoming will be:Sunday, DECEMBER 14, 2008Fox Point Ward - West Jordan UTAH

i will continue to send updates when she knows more !
sister warner

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