August 13, 2008

i heart letters.

[ august 13th - september 3rd ]
sister melanie elizabeth warner
wisconsin milwaukee mission
provo missionary training center

2005 north 900 east
provo, ut. 84604

[ september 2008 - february 2010 ]
sister melanie elizabeth warner
wisconsin milwaukee mission
5651 broad st.
greendale, wi 53129-1889

plskthxbai ! see you february 2010 !

August 11, 2008

.. parting is such sweet sorrow ..

i look forward to all my new & exciting adventures in the next eighteen months.

i look forward to many wonderful reunions & togetherness after the next eighteen months.

August 09, 2008

.. a little pre mish change ..

platinum blonde to warm brown .. maybe not just a little change.

August 06, 2008

seven days.

this time next week i will be asleep [ hopefully ] in ye olde mtc.

August 05, 2008

.. a year later and i am still obsessed ..

i will never get tired of harry potter .. even though the books are over .. we still have 2 more movies to see !!! then maybe i won't be AS obsessed .. yeah right .. harry potter will always live on in my heart ..
[ i am trying not to be overly sad that movie 6 will come out while i am on my mission but I AM .. at least i will be home for movie 7 ..right ?? ]
luna lovegood is by far my favorite person.

check it out :
harry potter and the half - blood prince

July 28, 2008

.. bolivian love ..

¡ un regalo para mí de mi misionero !
i feel this necklace. i feel e' thompson.

July 24, 2008

.. mi misionero ..

elder thompson has been out as a misionero for 5 months now .. he has been in Bolivia [ in the field ] for about 3 months .. he is on his 3rd cambio with the same companion from his 2nd transfer [ e' napan ] .. they are teaching the gospel in Belen .. e' thompson is doing well .. people say he looks native now .. as you can see from the picture below and this is just when he got to Bolivia ! he has been eating some strange foods .. but he is not complaining ! his spanish is coming along well .. i am his patita [ it has history ] ! bottom line .. i love elder thompson .. i love missionary work .. life is good.

.. photographers ..

we are gonna go places .. look out for us ..

July 15, 2008

this is my excited face .. i think ?

this was from the night of my bfa show .. very exciting.
i am also excited to go to nor*cal in 2 days to photograph josh and janets wedding reception and spend time with aaron's familia.
i am also very excited to go to SoCal to be with mi familia !
i am just excited for my upcoming travels .. goodbye provo .. at least for a minute or so.

July 13, 2008

.. one month ..

august 13th is approaching fast .. i enter the MTC in one month ! its still so unreal but good. this is just a little preview of my sister missionary wardrobe .. gotta love jody dresses [ thank you holly ] !

.. back in the day ..

i was cleaning off my iBook G4 .. freeing up some hard drive space [ i got 23gbs back ! ] and i found some old pictures from my junior year at Monrovia High School .. they made me smile .. they will make hannah smile too.

July 06, 2008

.. maybe to late, but better now then never ..

i cut my hair .. a while ago .. here is the most recent picture .. its the first time its been short in 5 years !
some people said i am jumpin on the sister mish train a little early but hey its summertime .. that means short hair !

June 17, 2008

.. for those who know ..

6 junio [ viernes ]
" en camino to another cita, we came across a parrot in the street just walking around. my comp picked it up and put it on his shoulder. it is weird that the parrot would be in the street, and not inside the house, so he told me that since the owner wasn't taking good care of the parrot, it was his now. he decided to give it as a gift to the daughter of our pensionista .. its carla's cumpleaños today. so we just went ahead and walked a few more blocks to their house and just as he was trying to give her the parrot, some guy comes up and basically says : " uh señor, i'm gonna need that back " haha i couldn't stop laughing. melanie, i am so glad we don't have that striped sweater anymore. i am glad you wear my golfland hoodie instead. "

.. before ..

.. after ..

June 15, 2008

.. things i love ..

.. my mission call to milwaukee, wisconsin ..

.. spending mother's day weekend in nor*cal .. hearing elder thompson's voice ..

.. my art in the spring salon at the springville museum of art [mine is the one on the top !] ..

.. helping amy jo photograph weddings ..

.. receiving my endowment in the provo temple ..

.. manti temple with mother ..

graduation ..

four years later ! i have my degree ! bfa with an emphasis in photography !
i remember one night when i was a freshman, i was complaing about collge to my papa, he told me well it only gets harder from here ! i have to say he was right and wrong .. it def got harder but it was funner b.c. once i was in my major i loved college .. it was hard and very very time consuming but it was something i was so passionate about that i did not mind at all. needless to say .. i am so glad to be done BUT i am def missing school .. haha .. never thought i would say that but it is true. oh well .. i will have spiritual school in a couple months right ??
here are the highlights :

May 21, 2008

finally ..

after endless nights in the darkroom and living my life on uvu campus i finished my bfa. sometimes i hated it .. especially because my process would work one day and then not the next .. but in the end it was exactly what i envisioned the previous year.
gallery one ten hosted our [ kay figueroa was the other artist ] bfa show .. it was a perfect night.

detailed attributes. distinction.

intertwined. from within.

May 08, 2008

.. sister melanie elizabeth warner ..

" You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission. You report to the Missionary Training Center at Provo, Utah on Wednesday, 13 August 2008. "

May 05, 2008

.. a year in review ..

just life .. through pictures .. what could be better, right ?
.. lisa got married .. slept uncomfortably .. october general conference ..
.. celebrated sisters 24th .. me and aaron modeled .. daft punk in vegas ..
.. shooting guns for thanksgiving .. dancing in Pasadena .. christmas in the Monrov ..
.. jose romo jr got baptized .. family pictures .. Huntington Beach ..
.. new years eve at The Vault .. San Francisco .. lens flair ..
.. aaron turned 22 .. nor*mex inc started .. goodbye trip to the bay ..
.. elder thompson left [ bolivia santa cruz mission ] .. 23rd celebration .. dance parties ..

.. easter cookouts .. sidewalk chalking the mtc .. roommates ..

.. being with my best friend .. mission picture .. holly and april general conference ..

that is most of the highlights up until now. bfa show and graduation deserve its own post & glory.