July 05, 2010

4 months ..

the WMM [wisconsin milwaukee mission] has my heart.
always. forever.

its been four months since i have been home.
still not one day goes by that i dont THINK about or TALK to someone from Wisconsin.

i love that place.

dont get me wrong. i love home too.
cali nation gots it going on.
but wow. wisconsin.

the restored gospel of jesus christ is true.
it is!

"normal" life is good. i am getting the hang of it better and better. each and everyday.

President Barrett told me when i left the WMM ..

"Good things come to an end so that BETTER things can come."

its happening.
good friends. A JOB. lovin the summer fun.
day by day.



i love the fourth of july.
especially sparklers.

last year i wore this red dress and blue earrings to show my love of America.
last year i was in Appleton, Wisconsin.
last year i was a missionary.

did you know missionaries are NOT allowed to play with fireworks?
ya its one of the many rules.
i really did COMPLETELY forget.

i saw sparklers and got SO excited.
only AFTER the fact of playing with them did one of the elders remind sister johnson and i that is was illegal for us.

thanks. telling us BEFORE would have been a greater help. 
too late. we got some sweet photographs though.

i miss this girl. my little sister j.
V = for Virginia. her first name.
nothing prettier than Virginia in May. Johnson.

this year was quite a diff experience.

for 1. july 4th was on SUNDAY. 
Sundays for me means i dont do anything but Church and relax with marmie.

for 2. i was NOT a missionary.
which meant SPARKLERS = GO FOR IT!

for 3. i was HOME. monrovia style.
that hasnt happened in 4+ years.

funnest time all together.
we [mikey. hillary jones. d-roq. melanie.] played with sparklers and photography.
we also played rook most of the night.
thanks for introducing me to the game mike!
you and d-roq = team domination.
good thing we split you boys up.

freedom is the best.