July 05, 2010

4 months ..

the WMM [wisconsin milwaukee mission] has my heart.
always. forever.

its been four months since i have been home.
still not one day goes by that i dont THINK about or TALK to someone from Wisconsin.

i love that place.

dont get me wrong. i love home too.
cali nation gots it going on.
but wow. wisconsin.

the restored gospel of jesus christ is true.
it is!

"normal" life is good. i am getting the hang of it better and better. each and everyday.

President Barrett told me when i left the WMM ..

"Good things come to an end so that BETTER things can come."

its happening.
good friends. A JOB. lovin the summer fun.
day by day.


  1. pretty picture! where did you get all those awesome dresses?

  2. good friends...you got that right!!! LOVEEE YOUUU

  3. i know exactly how you feel!!! everyday i'm still in the mish..somehow. my heart will always be.