August 05, 2010

on my mind ..

dates. events. activities. memories. years. people. details.

i remember things. A LOT. of things.  

i am your go to woman if you need a refresher about something in the past. 
[if i was present for it. or you told me about it. obvi.]

my companions on my mission would sometimes get annoyed that i could remember every detail about a place or people.

sister black would still call me after i left GB to ask me details. i loved it.

my big sisters fav thing to tell me is .. "CLIFF NOTES VERSION!" .. because i can remember every detail to a story or a dream and i REALLY feel like i need to tell her it ALL when i am sharing a story with her!
she really loves it.

my sarai wishes i was still living with them in spanish fork so i could mentally document the kids' life and tell her all their crazy stories over and over!

one of the many memories on my mind today ..

this photograph was taken 1 year ago today. it was a wednesday.
 i could tell you every thing we did before and after i took this photograph. 

and even WHY i wanted this photograph.

it was my last day in appleton, wisconsin.
and we were dubbed the WINNEBAGO SISTERS!
sister warner & sister v.johnson.

i left this great city and went to the greatness of milwaukee the next day.

wow. memories. i love them.

today is another day of greats. its been 5 months. 

5 months of "normal" life we will call it.

the adjustment is interesting. 
good. funny. awkward. hard. intimidating. new.
so many things.

i hope i dont get Alzheimers one day. 

i love having a good memory.
sometimes its beneficial. 
sometimes not.

so if you want to remember something.
just ask miss melanie.
the mind freak.


  1. i love your memory! my dad is always coming up with tricks to make his memory better, haha. so you should ask him for tips!

  2. You need to use that memory to remember to call me...soon :) Miss you and love you!

  3. Just wait until you're 5 years out from the beginning of your mission and you still talk or at least think about it 24/7/365. (SIGH). Missions...