August 28, 2010

h + b = 1 year!


this is heather. 
my sister.
this is braden.
my brother in law.

they love each other.
it is beautiful.

today is their ..

here is a photographic trip down memory lane to present.

August 28th 2009
Mesa, Arizona
145 degrees
[i was on my mission in the beautiful wisco. but i was present. see.]

[i am DEF the only one ready for this photo!]

[big sister and little sister. she looked good!]

[all the girls. i feel like i was there. i matched anyway!]

[i knew i could count on my jose romo jr to represent me!]

now to the present .. 2010!

my life size portrait is in our house yet.
its fun to look at.

h&b you better be glad i didnt give this to you as a gift today!

i just really find this humorous! 

[sister warner & melanie elizabeth]

h&b came to CALI to celebrate their anni.
guess where?
happiest place on earth.

we went to Downtown Disney to have a romantic anni dinner with them.
i am really grateful that i got to share THIS YEAR with them!
i love you sister and brother.

seriously. best and funniest couple. ever.
i am kinda obsessed.

August 28th 2010
Anaheim, California
79 degrees
[the happy couple. and braden is still all red even though it is 65 degrees cooler! its b.c. he is albino.]

[my crazy sister! she charged me down when she saw me. secretly really loved it.]

[this is why i cant get enough of these two. braden thinks he is gangsta!]

[love at its finest.]

[and FINALLY. i love. LOVE. love them.]

on a more serious note.
there is no one better for each other.

i barely met braden 5.5 months ago.
when i stepped off the plane from wisconsin.

but i could not want or pick anyone better for my sweet and crazy heather.
you two = the best match!

many. many. many more years of love. laughter. memories.
you know that will happen with braden around!



  1. It was def 145 degrees in Az that day. Hot as the sun.

    I like how you pointed out he is albino. Way to call him out. No one knew!

    He's not a gangster, hes WHITEE remember? Beaner I believe is the proper usage.

    Lastly, why don't I or bro A get our own blogger post?


    I secretly want a big hug!

  2. oh just you wait L.
    you might just get one.
    btw.. i am not being secret about this hug.