August 24, 2011

welcome to .. POTTERMORE!

i am IN!

if only i wasn't almost falling asleep then i could actually enjoy this.
and oh ya i still need to pack for wisconsin.

but i am in. thats all that counts right?!
exploration will commence in 5 days.

August 23, 2011

jamel .. engaged!

i know we are kissing a lot .. but we are engaged!
thats what happens right?

marcello did an AMAZING job.
he even almost got ran over by a fancy car in LA.
thank you for your talent and hard work!

now finish wedding planning.
and you all get ready to dance!

August 17, 2011

a new friend ..

easton can now officially hang out with his lion friend.
they are cute.

August 15, 2011

what a year its been!

if anyone knows me they know i am a sucker for dates!

i was remembering that mr. barlow & i met face to face sometime in august last year.

thank you facebook for having the "see friendship" option.
[it says we have been engaged since 12.25.2010. silly fb!]

i stalked our "friendship" and this is the goodness i found.

i was in his life even before we met.
we'll call it meant to be.

so looking back on the 2010 calendar we met 08.15.2010 after sacrament meeting in G7.
it was a good good day!
he looked pretty handsome.

now we are here.
engaged to be married.
life is wonderful.
and really works out all in the Lords timing. 

August 13, 2011

remember the time ..

imma take a walk down memory lane for the sake of how august 13th, 2008 changed my life!
[remember the time dedicated to jose romo jr.]

remember the time i reported to the MTC 3 years ago ..

remember the time my family supported me in love & letters ..
remember the time tears were shed as we said our see you in 1.5 years ..

remember the time i walked through that door, lost it and cried like a baby ..

remember the time Marmie put my tag on me for the very first time ..

remember the time i officially was sister warner ..

remember the time i had my first ever companion ..
my sweet song bird sister blickfeldt.

remember the time i finally realized where Wisconsin was and that it WAS really far from LA ..

remember the time sundays meant exchanges with sister fox so we could eat dinner instead of going to choir ..

remember the time i flew to Wisconsin with 6 Elders and i was oh so nervous ..
remember the time Wisconsin changed my life forever!

remember how everything points back to Wisconsin?

remember how i am getting married to mr. barlow in 2.5 months!
and lets also remember the time i came home to LA and caved and am now back to platinum blonde?! 

[btw more engagements to come from marcello the great sometime soon!]

August 10, 2011

jacob & melanie

once upon a time ..
a very handsome man and lovely lady fell head over heels for each other.

i really love watching this over and over and over.
i know you all do too!

marcello you are the bomb.
thank you for our jaunt around LA snapping photo after photo of us kissing and loving.

August 09, 2011

i can be domestic!

alternative post title: mr. barlow will not starve when we get married!!!

i have been momless and fianceless since sunday eve.
sad. i know.

so i thought to myself, "why not test your culinary skills?!"
so that way if its really bad no one would even have to know.

but winner, winner i am!!!


there are a TON of recipes i have been wanting to try. 
thank you pinterest.

and i really wanted soup.
i know its summer time and all but i really like soup!

and well by the looks of these recipes it may seem like i am a vegetarian bc there is no meat involved.
i am not.
but could very well be.
not sure if mr. barlow would like that one!

so last night i put my cooking skills to the test and i was pretty happy with myself.

i made me some black bean soup and broccoli cheddar soup and frozen banana bites!
and it all came out so yummy.

here are my creations and the recipes.
the banana bite one is actually vegan, read it carefully, but i just used Hershey's chocolate!

try them. seriously. they are quick and delicious.


August 07, 2011

expressions of love

a ladle full of love!

and how GREAT is Elder Richard G. Scott?!
read his beautiful talk here >>> The Eternal Blessings of Marriage

i am so grateful for eternal families and to be able to create my very own with mr. barlow.

August 03, 2011

August 02, 2011

happy one week of life!

best little peanut ever!

August 01, 2011

i cant get enough of this guy!

even his little cry is cute.