August 09, 2011

i can be domestic!

alternative post title: mr. barlow will not starve when we get married!!!

i have been momless and fianceless since sunday eve.
sad. i know.

so i thought to myself, "why not test your culinary skills?!"
so that way if its really bad no one would even have to know.

but winner, winner i am!!!


there are a TON of recipes i have been wanting to try. 
thank you pinterest.

and i really wanted soup.
i know its summer time and all but i really like soup!

and well by the looks of these recipes it may seem like i am a vegetarian bc there is no meat involved.
i am not.
but could very well be.
not sure if mr. barlow would like that one!

so last night i put my cooking skills to the test and i was pretty happy with myself.

i made me some black bean soup and broccoli cheddar soup and frozen banana bites!
and it all came out so yummy.

here are my creations and the recipes.
the banana bite one is actually vegan, read it carefully, but i just used Hershey's chocolate!

try them. seriously. they are quick and delicious.



  1. Those all look delectable! All I made for dinner was a 3-minute drive to Jack-in-the-Box.

  2. I have an easy, delish recipe for tortilla soup that you'd LOVE!

  3. mr. barlow in 3 months time you will be eating some home cookin!

    and ash YES PLEASE!!! i love tortilla soup.

  4. whatever girl, you have always been domestic. i remember making many a breakfast burrito with you during testing week in HS. and in college, all the time. domestic goddess!

  5. I am crying with pride right now! Im so glad you and JB wont dwindle to nothing when you marry.

  6. amazing!!! :) mr. barlow is a very lucky man! I want some soup, please!

  7. haner .. THANK YOU! those were some dang good breakfast burritos! also remember how i took foods senior year and brought you snack everyday!

    cat .. WE WILL SURVIVE!!! hey hey!

    marina .. no soup for you! JOKE. seinfield anyone?! i would love to give you soup.