December 30, 2010

a new year ..

2011 here we come!

i love this mormon message about the New Year.
not only is it funny but it contains truth.

each day is about moving forward.
not looking back.

the only way to progress in life is to look to the future.
when we go forward with faith we are filled with hope and purpose which brings us happiness.


Happy New Year!

[a future post will be made about 2010. but not in a looking back sort of way! in a long live the memories sort of way!]

December 28, 2010

nice on your ears ..

this song is good.

December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

best season of the year!

when we all focus more on the Savior Jesus Christ!
i love it.

marmie and i are the only Warners at Casa 418 S. Mayflower Ave now ..

we wish you love and happiness!

also ..

it is SO nice to be WITH my family and not just TALK to them over the phone.
i am loving loving loving it.
[but i still miss wisconsin at the same time.]

BUT ..

us Warners are full of fun.
just sayin!
its making everything the best.

now if L&A would just stay longer ..
and H&B too ..

marime and i will hold down the fort on mayflower.

enjoy these Christmas videos courtesy  


i love this one about the Christmas Spirit!


December 23, 2010

pretty sure i am famous ..

but really.
i could be.
after you watch this.

ok. seriously.
i am not.

thank you to marcello for asking catherine, haylie and i to be a part of the newest 
video for their song Bear Trap.

the stars were matt heder and tejah and they were oh so good!

it was a pleasure to learn more about stop action and to pretend to be a robot.
i loved our time in dowtown LA and meeting new people.

watch and enjoy!

marcello .. YOU ROCK.
eyes lips eyes .. your music is like sugar.

thank you.

December 15, 2010

thursday is the best day of this week ..

why you ask?
there are many reasons 12.16.10 is marked in many red circles on my calendar.

it is the start of reunions / celebrations / love all around.

let me show you ..

#1. Laura & Alex

they are flying in the eve of the 16th.
welcome back to LA.
i have missed my big sister oh so much.

we will talk. cuddle. eat. shop. laugh.
and so much more.
i will be waiting for you at the airport ready for a big squeeze! 

#2. Jacob Barlow

this guy is driving in on the 16th.
luckily he has his sister kim for company this time.

i really like when he is in california.

#3. Robbie & Hannah Hamill

i havent been in the Hamill presence for over 2 YEARS.
that is just TOO long.

they fly in on the 24th and you can bet i will be right at the Terrill home that afternoon for a long overdue hug and reunion!

#4. Braden & Heather Hatch

my H&B.
they are driving in from the AZ on Christmas Eve.
this makes my heart SO happy.

the little puppy will sadly not be accompanying them on this road trip.
maybe another time.  

#5. Warner Christmas 2010

this was my LAST Christmas at home before my mission.

2 years away from my family at Christmas time has been hard but so wonderful at the same time.

instead of calling and hearing their voices like the past 2 Christmas' the Warners will all be TOGETHER!

this is what Christmas is all about.
being together.
celebrating the Savior Jesus Christ.

i love this time of year.
i am so grateful my mission helped me realize how precious this season really is.

i am SO excited my family will ALL BE together.
i cant say it enough.

these next weeks of family & friends is gonna be the best.

December 08, 2010

"cat, we live a really good life .."

monday night cat and i were driving home from watching brandt, hill j, taylor and my tv debut


if you havent seen it yet go click >>> HERE.
yes we are pretty much famous!

as we were driving i just said to cat ..
"cat, we live a really good life .."

its true.
my little face has been so smiley lately and full of joy.

so many reasons contribute to this happiness.

best family.
best friends.
best church family.
best job.
best life.

those are my reasons in condensed form.

cat sent me this song ..

this is a good life.


December 07, 2010

something about us ..

daft punk has my heart.

December 05, 2010

9 .. 9 .. 9 ..

imma counter.
imma date rememberer.
imma nostalgic.

today marks another month of being home from the wmm.
"on my mission .."
i am officially dubbed that person. i love it.
thank you mama hood!

but seriously.
i LOVE remembering things.

9 months in sister missionary time is kinda a BIG deal.
it is the HALF WAY MARK.
it begins the down slope on your time left as a missionary.

its a sad time.
you have less days than more.
time starts going double fast.

this was taken the morning of my 9 months.
it was nina bentlys birthday.
we were invited to the birthday breakfast tradition of their chocolate chip zucchini cake and morning scripture reading.
the older girls worked at culvers.
our fav.
they gifted US that day with a scoopie soccer ball.
love the bentlys.

this also marked the ending of my first transfer of training this little girl.
[sister] virgina may "little j" johnson
she is a gem.
luckly we got to stay together for 2 more transfers AFTER this photo was taken.
a total of 4.5 months of complete lovin and hard workin!


back to the present .. 
9 months being home has felt awful fast as well.
where has the time really gone?

a 9a - 6p job.
evenings with Marmie.
best friend time with MelCat.
the gospel of jesus christ and g7.

good things right?

this weekend i had a special little blessing!

this little girl came to LA!
well Anaheim. same thing. almost. 
she came to Disneyland for the weekend with her sister and bro in law.

yes i was chubby on my mission.
too much culvers!

i am a lucky girl.
i spent my 9 month mark at home with the same person i spent my 9 month mark with in the wmm!

her family let me use her sisters ticket to get in D-Land for some time with her!
we watched World of Color ..
while i stood playing with her hair we reminisced of our beloved Wiscons.

we talked about what we were doing last year.
we both had this look in our eyes that we completely understood each other and where our hearts would rather be.

BUT ..
at the same time there was an overwhelming peace to both of us about being home. 
her holding her sleeping nephew.
me playing with her hair.
 standing there watching the better than Bellagio water show.
being the best of friends always.

life is good.

some things i know ..

i see blessings every single day because of my mission.
i understand more completely eternal families and my family means everything to me.
being home with them, talking to them everyday means the world to me.

imma continue to remember everything.
it makes me smile.

December 04, 2010

lovin on my 9a-6p ..

i am the office manager for Belle n' Beau Photography ..

and i love it.

i do all sorts of office work.
i design wedding albums.
i critique rays photos and editing.
i help clients make their final and important decision on which image should be there 30x40 over their fireplace.

its a big deal.

i smile as i get to know families.
see how much their babies grow every 3, 6, 9, 12 months they come in!
talk with high school seniors about college.

that takes me to this fine eve ..
Belle n' Beau Photography is contracted to Alverno High School.
it is a private Catholic all girls school in Sierra Madre.

Ray photographs the seniors, sporting events, masses & their dances.

Winter Formal 2010
"Merry Masquerade"

this was the theme we had to work with.
Ray put me in charge of the backdrop.

here it is.
i really love it. 

i even sewed the burgundy fabric backdrop.
i need some major sewing lessons btw.

needless to say it was a fun week in the office.
stress of making these masks.
putting together holiday orders that every client wants right now!
ordering. ordering. ordering.

also there was lizard in my office today!
i put it under a cup and left a note for Ray to deal with it when he got back.

tonight turned out awesome.
i loved that the seniors came up to me just to say hello and chat.
it was a good time all around.
i love my job.

AND ..

on a completely unrelated sidenote ..

 cat and i were discussing fb.

yes. yes. yes.
you all know cat and i love our little fb banter 

BUT ..
this is on my mind and just has to be said.

cat said it first and i was oh so glad.
we exchanged some texts about it.

here is my rant.
disagree with me. hate me. or like me.
like me is the best option.
anyways this is just my opinion.
and my blog.


1. its fb.

2. if you really want to do something go help out at a womans shelter. or volunteer as a guardian ad litem. dont just change your fb profile pic.

3. when this fb photo changes the status reads something as follows .. "Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood, to raise awareness for ending violence against children. Until Monday, Dec 6th of 2010, there should be no human faces onfacebook, but an invasion of memories! *JOIN THE FIGHT AGAINST VIOLENCEON CHILDREN!*" the part that gets me is this is against child abuse. children who are abused usually DO NOT have any good childhood memories. just think about that for a moment. and then tell me WHY you would put up a childhood cartoon to help fight child abuse.

so that is my rant. 
there may be more but we will stick to those 3 points.

if we really want to do something more to evoke change we must get of fb and actually  DO something about it.

the end.

December 01, 2010


welcome to december!

original tv was so much cooler!

November 30, 2010

listen ..

it puts me in a good mood.

maybe it will for you too.


and where did november and the last 8 months of being back in "normal" life go?

its all going too fast ..
but in a good way!

November 25, 2010

full of thanksgiving

i am thankful for hundreds of things.

we will go with the top 5 for now ..

*my family
all of them .. everywhere!

*the restored gospel of jesus christ / the wmm
check it out >>> here!

*my friends
i am blessed to be surrounded by strength and encouragement daily.

*my job .. belle n' beau photography
it came at the perfect time and is just what i need!

the hard times make the good times so much sweeter and we become stronger individuals.

i am truly grateful for the little pieces of life that happen around me daily.

the way the sun hits my face.
the wind as it goes through my hair.
the song of a bird through my window.

my mom telling me to have a good day every morning.
hearing my sisters voices and laughing with each other.
daily texting with catherine n. card.

like i said there are SO many things we have to be thankful for!


enjoy family, friends and feasting.
i know i am!

November 22, 2010

lovin all around ..

i got home this eve from a wonderful weekend in rexburg/driving in a car.

it was great.
also a nice break from technology.
i did not have my computer.
i do not have one of those fancy smart phones.
no email.
no facebook.

just time well spent with a great.

btw i did not even take ONE photograph of this little adventure.
kinda a first for me.

sometimes its nice to not look at life through a viewfinder.
its nice to see it with your own eyes.
take it all in like a deep breath.

thats what i did.
i am glad i have a visual memory.

its photographed in my mind.
i wont forget it.


back to reality yet again.

im on my lappy.
checkin my email.

in the 58 unread emails i had this gem.

my sister lil pluim.
today was pday.
oh how i love mondays for so many reasons.

it made me so happy.
plus her sister also posted it on my fb wall just in case i didnt get the email.
tooooo much love.
pluims you are golden.

i am thankful for...
- not being allergic to poisen ivy, mangos, and dogs or cats  :)

-for not only getting to say that i know a world champion but brag that she cuts my hair

-being alive. having a body to experience this big beautiful world.

-for being able to have been trained by an amazing missionary that taught me to love being a missionary

-for great companions that you not only can like but can respect, that become your sisters

-to be able to be in this great state of wisconsin! a land of cows and cheese :) 
that i get to make this place my own sacred ground

- that i've been blest to live and serve around some of the most amazing of heavenly fathers children, and that they have become a part of my family

-my little brother who is doing this great work on the other side of the earth. i'm so glad that we get to do this together

- being able to truley be an instrument in the lords hands and be apart of miracles

-for having the restored gospel in my life when there are so many who are lost

-AND being able to help those that are lost by sharing this great gift with them

-for the testimony that i had to work for, of knowing that i have a heavenly father who both hears and loves me

-for the most amazing family that anyone could wish for. you ARE the BEST!

what a wonderful mom and dad that care enough for me to help me make hard decisions, and siblings that shower me with their love. josh, daniel, rachel. rebekah, samuel, hannah, adam, aaron, abraham and boo i love you!  i'm thankful that i get to be with you all forever.

- i am Eternally thankful for my savior.
the love that he had for me, to willingly pay the price for the wrong choices that i make, so that i could have the oppurtunity to come home.

i am so thankful for these and so many more blessings heavenly father has given to me. at this season of thanks i wanted to take a moment and share some of those things that i am thankful for. too often we are in a hurry and forget to think about the small things heavenly father has given to us and forget to thank the ones that matter the most to us.


thank you!!!
love to the love love
sister esther klaaske pluim

exactly what i needed to end a perfect weekend.
thank YOU sister pluim.
i am thankful for YOU!

November 18, 2010


i think ..


never have i ever been to rexburg, idaho.
first time for everything right?!

i will be there in exactly 24 hours.

see you soon. 

November 16, 2010

marmie love ..

Terri Lynn [Alley] Warner

Happy 59th Day of Birth!

isnt it cute that my dad & marmies birthday is exactly a week apart?!
i kinda love it. 
a lot.

my marmie is all kinds of amazing.
let me tell you.

she is oh so beautiful.
inside & out.

she is the BEST cook.

she goes above and beyond the call of duty.

she is wise. oh so wise.

she is silly and makes everyone smile.

she tells the best stories.

she teaches about life and how to continually move forward.

this photo makes me laugh. 
my aunt has a huge band aid on her forehead.
pretty sure my mom said it was her fault!

my marmie has excellent taste in clothes and hairstyles.

she also has excellent dance skills.

classic marmie with the handkerchief on her head!

this woman raised us 3 warner girls all on her own.
she is our dad & mom.
she is pretty dang good at it.

she taught us how to cook over the phone.
she would feed the masses of young men who came over to our house for games.

she taught me it was ok to be me.
she taught me to do what is right.

 she supported me.
in high school by coming to watch me play polo and swim.
she helped me move my life to utah to start college.
she made it possible for me to serve my mission.
she helps me to continue to be me everyday.

this woman has and continues to change my life.
i am my mothers daughter.
i love it.

happiest day to you today and every day.

i love getting to spend my days with you and talk every night and morning.
its finally the littlest ones turn for alone time at home with the marmie! 

you are beyond amazing.

November 10, 2010

Mormon 8:22

"For the eternal purposes of the Lord shall roll on, until all his promises shall be fulfilled."

November 09, 2010

daddy love ..

Mark Richard Warner.

Happy 59th Day of Birth!

i am so glad this is my daddy.
for real.

my marmie and him.
best. ever.
they have 3 beauties to prove it!
just sayin.

[handsome young fella]

my dad & my uncle steve look SO much alike.
prob b.c. they are brothers.

i love stories about my dad.
i pull out old photos every month or so.
i then proceed to quiz my mom on everything about the photo.
she loves it.
i know i love it.

i found these beauties a while back and fell in LOVE with them.
1st 2 = my dad in his everyday outfit.
cowboy boots & hat.
that guys got style.

2nd 2 = my dad on a road trip.
he was a good photog.

3rd 2 = continuing the road trip.
my dad is with my great grandma.
they were like 2 peas in a pod!

some recent facts marmie has told us about daddy warner include:

He had an awesome mustache. [11 inches across at one point, he measured.]
He made sure to tell EVERYONE (& I mean everyone) that Mama was having twins.  
He was SO excited.
He use to get his hair permed into an afro, at the same place great grandma got her hair done.  [She was so embarrassed.]
He liked to disco dance.  and was good at it too. [As witnessed by Mama.]
He loved country dancing. 
He was “scared” of  the twins when they were real little, so he would work late or have grandpa come over and “help”. 
He loved horses. 
He was very selfless.  He would give you his own shirt if you needed it more.
Christmas was his VERY favorite holiday.  
He loved wrapping presents, so Mama would leave all the wrapping to him.
He use to pick out Mama’s clothes.  She hated shopping and Daddy was good at it.

i love these facts and ANY & EVERY story she tells about this man.
they make my heart of so happy.

a tradition my mom started after my dad passed was writing on balloons and sending them in the air for him.

we do it every year.

today i sent a red balloon up into the clear blue sky and watched it disappear beyond the palm trees into ever lasting blueness.

it made me smile.
a smile of faith. hope. love.

a smile of eternity.

i love you.

November 06, 2010

November 5th 2010

i thought about 3 things as i woke up yesterday morning.

#1. sister black. 2 years.
#2. november 5th.
#3. 8 months.

that is how my thoughts run through my mind.
one or two word sentances.

let me explain.

my dearest pammy jo
was my 2nd companion and 1st girl i trained in the WMM.
oh how i love her.
companionship made in heaven.

i remembered she entered the MTC November 5th 2008.
best. decision. ever.

i have a pretty good memory.
refer to this previous post on something worthwhile > here.

november 5th also marks me being home from the WMM for 8 months.
it doesnt feel like its been that long at all.
at all.

blessing continue to flow in the life of those amazing Wisconsinites.
blessings continue to flow in my life as well.
big time.

everything good and happy in my life comes from the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
i know this.
i've tested it.
you can too.
just sayin!

i use to recite this EVERY WEEK on my mission.
i have been thinking about it a lot lately.

“The Standard of Truth has been erected. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame. But the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, til the purposes of God shall be accomplished and the Great Jehovah will say, ‘The work is done.'” 
- Joseph Smith Jr.

i love this quote.
it is true and beautiful.

i loved reciting it every week.
also once a transfer at ZC.
also sometimes just with my companions.
its was good upliftment.

p.s. i really LOVE multiples of 5.
it is my fav number.

i revolve a lot of things around the number 5.
more on that later.

November 01, 2010

harry potter .. i am obsessed yet.

harry potter still lives on.

i am SO happy i am home for the 7th film.
for real.

for more than one reason.


p.s. i am glad they are doing it in 2 parts.
just sayin.

if you feel like reviewing my obsession with harry go > here

October 31, 2010

happy halloween!

1. i LOVE the fall.
2. i LOVE dressing up.
3. equals i LOVE halloween.

except all the scary parts.
i am no bueno when it comes to demonic clowns.
just sayin.

when i was in college my halloweens included these little people.
i love them.
to the moon and back.
prob even more than that.

my last halloween before my mission.
this photo describes my little sibs so perfectly!

i spent my halloweens in spanish fork.
trick or treating with my 3 favs.

then i would go back to provo and dance it up.

omi is def my little princess.

she is usually the 1st to give up on trick or treating.
i usually ended up carrying her half way through it all.
i never minded.
i loved it.

i then went on a mission.
my 1st halloween 10.2008 was an interesting one.
one i will NEVER forget!

the POPPINGA family asked us missionaries to help at their annual halloween fundraiser.
these were the costumes they gave us.
devil worshipper. vegas showgirl.
sister hood. sister warner.


the next year 10.2009 i was in milwaukee with my sister plu.i.m.
in the WMM halloween is our deep clean day.
lock down for safety.

so we cleaned all day.
i got a halloween package from the warners.
everything was MINI.
i love when my fami does themed packages!

it was a lovely day of cleaning.

we lived with the best of the best.
the kozloskys.

mama & papa k are the most amazing.

papa k built us a fire and let us help pass out candy!
we of course retired to our rooms at 9pm.

now to the present day.
my first halloween home, back in normal land.

i got to dress up.
i got to dance.
i got to stay out till 1am.
more like 2 am i think it was.

this girl REALLY is the pepper to my salt.
"i love you cat."

fall. fun. festivities.

endless happiness!