November 22, 2010

lovin all around ..

i got home this eve from a wonderful weekend in rexburg/driving in a car.

it was great.
also a nice break from technology.
i did not have my computer.
i do not have one of those fancy smart phones.
no email.
no facebook.

just time well spent with a great.

btw i did not even take ONE photograph of this little adventure.
kinda a first for me.

sometimes its nice to not look at life through a viewfinder.
its nice to see it with your own eyes.
take it all in like a deep breath.

thats what i did.
i am glad i have a visual memory.

its photographed in my mind.
i wont forget it.


back to reality yet again.

im on my lappy.
checkin my email.

in the 58 unread emails i had this gem.

my sister lil pluim.
today was pday.
oh how i love mondays for so many reasons.

it made me so happy.
plus her sister also posted it on my fb wall just in case i didnt get the email.
tooooo much love.
pluims you are golden.

i am thankful for...
- not being allergic to poisen ivy, mangos, and dogs or cats  :)

-for not only getting to say that i know a world champion but brag that she cuts my hair

-being alive. having a body to experience this big beautiful world.

-for being able to have been trained by an amazing missionary that taught me to love being a missionary

-for great companions that you not only can like but can respect, that become your sisters

-to be able to be in this great state of wisconsin! a land of cows and cheese :) 
that i get to make this place my own sacred ground

- that i've been blest to live and serve around some of the most amazing of heavenly fathers children, and that they have become a part of my family

-my little brother who is doing this great work on the other side of the earth. i'm so glad that we get to do this together

- being able to truley be an instrument in the lords hands and be apart of miracles

-for having the restored gospel in my life when there are so many who are lost

-AND being able to help those that are lost by sharing this great gift with them

-for the testimony that i had to work for, of knowing that i have a heavenly father who both hears and loves me

-for the most amazing family that anyone could wish for. you ARE the BEST!

what a wonderful mom and dad that care enough for me to help me make hard decisions, and siblings that shower me with their love. josh, daniel, rachel. rebekah, samuel, hannah, adam, aaron, abraham and boo i love you!  i'm thankful that i get to be with you all forever.

- i am Eternally thankful for my savior.
the love that he had for me, to willingly pay the price for the wrong choices that i make, so that i could have the oppurtunity to come home.

i am so thankful for these and so many more blessings heavenly father has given to me. at this season of thanks i wanted to take a moment and share some of those things that i am thankful for. too often we are in a hurry and forget to think about the small things heavenly father has given to us and forget to thank the ones that matter the most to us.


thank you!!!
love to the love love
sister esther klaaske pluim

exactly what i needed to end a perfect weekend.
thank YOU sister pluim.
i am thankful for YOU!

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