November 09, 2010

daddy love ..

Mark Richard Warner.

Happy 59th Day of Birth!

i am so glad this is my daddy.
for real.

my marmie and him.
best. ever.
they have 3 beauties to prove it!
just sayin.

[handsome young fella]

my dad & my uncle steve look SO much alike.
prob b.c. they are brothers.

i love stories about my dad.
i pull out old photos every month or so.
i then proceed to quiz my mom on everything about the photo.
she loves it.
i know i love it.

i found these beauties a while back and fell in LOVE with them.
1st 2 = my dad in his everyday outfit.
cowboy boots & hat.
that guys got style.

2nd 2 = my dad on a road trip.
he was a good photog.

3rd 2 = continuing the road trip.
my dad is with my great grandma.
they were like 2 peas in a pod!

some recent facts marmie has told us about daddy warner include:

He had an awesome mustache. [11 inches across at one point, he measured.]
He made sure to tell EVERYONE (& I mean everyone) that Mama was having twins.  
He was SO excited.
He use to get his hair permed into an afro, at the same place great grandma got her hair done.  [She was so embarrassed.]
He liked to disco dance.  and was good at it too. [As witnessed by Mama.]
He loved country dancing. 
He was “scared” of  the twins when they were real little, so he would work late or have grandpa come over and “help”. 
He loved horses. 
He was very selfless.  He would give you his own shirt if you needed it more.
Christmas was his VERY favorite holiday.  
He loved wrapping presents, so Mama would leave all the wrapping to him.
He use to pick out Mama’s clothes.  She hated shopping and Daddy was good at it.

i love these facts and ANY & EVERY story she tells about this man.
they make my heart of so happy.

a tradition my mom started after my dad passed was writing on balloons and sending them in the air for him.

we do it every year.

today i sent a red balloon up into the clear blue sky and watched it disappear beyond the palm trees into ever lasting blueness.

it made me smile.
a smile of faith. hope. love.

a smile of eternity.

i love you.


  1. K so i had goosebumps at the beginning of this post...and by "a smile of eternity" i was bawling. good job, B. Good job. <3

  2. i love those pictures he took! like father like daughter :)

  3. Love this and you baby sister. 
    Way to steal my exact facts about daddy. Lol. 
    I knew all those by myself! Go brain! :) 
    Maybe you get your style from Daddy? Hmmm. :) 

  4. cat. you are the sweetest.

    hanner. thank YOU!

    laura. i did steal the facts off your blog. thank you.
    and btw mom emailed all those facts to you!
    i follow in my dads footsteps! come on he bought all marmies clothes! i gots style for sure!

  5. no, i didn't use the ones mama sent me. i had written mine before she sent them to me.
    so there.
    my memory > your memory.
    just sayin.
    share the photos!
    get with uncle steve SOON and go thru all of his please!

  6. ok. ok. if you say so!

    marmie and i are gonna go through the garage too.
    thats where the gold is!

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one that teared up when I read this! I love it :)

  8. veron! ill take that! he is pretty handsome! i think you are the first who has said that. maybe.

    rissa. sweetest girl you are!