June 22, 2010

good things to come

i watched this today [as in it still being 06.22.10].
it really uplifted me. inspired me. helped me.
you know those times when you just need something. but you are not to sure what.
then you come across something like this.
it is fulfilling.
thank you LDS.org for being open on my sweet helens computer.

June 21, 2010

i'm from L.A.

L.A. style
i'm not the craziest Laker fan but i do love me some Derek Fisher.
also i just really LOVE the city of angels.
live it up. right?!
so we decided to go to the ..
today. it was great fun by all.
i love how spirited L.A. is.
seriously. we got some pride!

[we took the metro gold line to get to the action!]

[crazy town in L.A.]

[Kobe. the main man. not for everyone! but hey its how it goes.]

[we are from L.A.]

[and WE WIN!]

thank you L.A. for providing such good times.

June 20, 2010

mark richard warner

that is my father. my daddy. my papa.
he was born on november 9, 1951.
he died on september 27, 1987.
he was almost 37 years old.
i was 2.5 years old.
his occupation was a truck driver. my sweet mother supported him in it.
he died due to blood clots in his legs.
when he passed away he was on a truck drive with my mom.
he was a good man. a stylish man.
i love him. i love being a warner. the warners are the best.
one day i will know him. that is what i look forward to.
happy fathers day.

[the day i was born. calling from the hospital!]

[they were short on funds. due to 3 little girls. we were my dads birthday gifts!]

[we were baptized Lutheran as babies. told you my dad was a stylish man!]

[pretty sure i was the favorite. looks like it. but really. we were all daddys girls.]

[i love my family. eternally.]

i am also eternally grateful for the father figures that have been put into my life.
i am a very blessed girl to have these men as my papas!

[my uncle steven. my dads brother. he has taken care of us since we were babies.]

[my papa monte. came into my life when i was 12years old. best example of a righteous priesthood holder.]

[wisconsin milwaukee mission president. william arthur barrett. more than just my mission pres. he is my papa bear!]

thank you.

one year ago today ..

this is ..
jeremiah thomas james.
best name.
best story.
best times.
best. best. best.

he has now officially been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for ONE WHOLE YEAR!

it was a privilege to teach you the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

it is a privilege to be your friend.

to read more about jeremiah from 2009 ..

June 01, 2010

life is good!

really good.

it is JUNE. 
summer time is official. legit you could say.

the BEST reason is this ..

the badger state has my heart.

i leave in the AM with my marmie for a full week of SCONNIE LOVE.

really. life. is. good.