June 20, 2010

mark richard warner

that is my father. my daddy. my papa.
he was born on november 9, 1951.
he died on september 27, 1987.
he was almost 37 years old.
i was 2.5 years old.
his occupation was a truck driver. my sweet mother supported him in it.
he died due to blood clots in his legs.
when he passed away he was on a truck drive with my mom.
he was a good man. a stylish man.
i love him. i love being a warner. the warners are the best.
one day i will know him. that is what i look forward to.
happy fathers day.

[the day i was born. calling from the hospital!]

[they were short on funds. due to 3 little girls. we were my dads birthday gifts!]

[we were baptized Lutheran as babies. told you my dad was a stylish man!]

[pretty sure i was the favorite. looks like it. but really. we were all daddys girls.]

[i love my family. eternally.]

i am also eternally grateful for the father figures that have been put into my life.
i am a very blessed girl to have these men as my papas!

[my uncle steven. my dads brother. he has taken care of us since we were babies.]

[my papa monte. came into my life when i was 12years old. best example of a righteous priesthood holder.]

[wisconsin milwaukee mission president. william arthur barrett. more than just my mission pres. he is my papa bear!]

thank you.


  1. such a sweet post sister. I miss daddy and i know he would be proud of us all.

  2. oh you girls are so adorable! your dad passes the day before i was born! I betcha we hung out during the time he left and the time i came and he warned me of his crazy daughter that would grow up to be an excellent photographer and my best friend! :)

  3. What a great post Mel! I am e-stalking you from burbank. We are not that far away from each other...lets get together sometime for lunch. P.s. I am 99% sure that your mission president was my old stake president from my favorite Student ward. I sure love that guy!

  4. EMILY!
    you are down here?! YES. lets get together.
    lets make plans. call me. ill send you my #.
    and YES president barrett was over some student ward in provo. not sure which though!

  5. Your dad looks like a great guy. And I wonder if you mission president's father was my old BYU bishop??

  6. baby sister.
    i'm pretty sure I was the fave. i'm just sayin.
    good sweet post.

  7. Wow- powerful post. Love your blog. Love you.