March 05, 2013

"Sittin on the dock of the Bay..."

good news minute.

mr. barlow and i are packing our bags and moving to the Bay area!
it is a sudden change and came out of left field. 
but we are excited for the adventure and here is the tale...

mr. barlow got an email from a Google recruiter on a Friday afternoon saying they matched his resume up with a job and wanted to interview him that coming Monday [Presidents Day].
[side note: jacob applied for a Google Fiber position months prior just for the fun of it but never heard anything back from it.]

Monday came and he interviewed via Google Hangout and then had 3 more Google hangout interviews later that week. one was a group one where they had to sell each other on Gmail, Android or a Chromebook so they could test all their knowledge and skills about Google products.

they called him back the next week and offered him a position!
for what you ask? we have no idea!
he had to sign a non disclosure form and we still haven't been told the product he'll be working on.

here's what we do know...

he has to be in Mountain View, Ca to train on Google Campus for about 3 weeks and then he'll be working out of the San Francisco office.
oh ya, at the end of this month. in 3 weeks.
that is all.

we are taking a huge leap of faith [not much info to go off of!] but it feels right to the both of us and an adventure will be fun.
especially where it is warmer then we are currently. 
we are definitely going to miss our family and friends in the Utah Valley. 
it has been a blessing to call this place our home for the past 1.5 years. 

any guidance for the Bay area would be greatly appreciated!

also in my last welcome back post i realized how ungrateful i sounded for my former job.
i want it to be known i was very grateful for a good paying job where i learned a lot.
it also helped me to push my Photoshop skills!
[i hate sounding so rude, i apologize.]

February 25, 2013

welcome back/hello again/where did i go?


the last time i updated my blog was 9 months ago. [no pregnancy or baby was had]
i was extremely busy with work and wanted nothing to do with my computer when i was done for the day.
hence my blog got sorely neglected.

i was doing my editing job from home [working in your pj's is awesome, btw] but sitting at my computer for 10 hours a day = not so fun.
spending those 10 hours in Photoshop making people look completely different also was not so fun.
i never had the opportunity to do my own photography and if i did i didn't always enjoy it like i use to because of the time i had to spend editing for my job.

i sound like a downright complainer. sorry.
mr. barlow told me, "your job is sucking your soul out."
so with mr. barlow's encouragement and support i quit at the end of 2012.

at the beginning of 2013 i was unemployed and that lasted for about a week! 
[we are SO lucky that mr. barlow still has an awesome job with Imagine Learning!]

my aunt is a kindergarten teacher and has 29 kindergartners. 
they approved her for another Instructional Aide - THAT'S ME!
i work 2 hours a day in her classroom and help the ESL kids with their reading and writing. 
it really is awesome. i love to see them understand and finally get it.

now i have time to do my own photography and editing, it is so refreshing!
i have time to help teach kids.
i have time to blog, catch up with friends, have lunch dates with mr. barlow.
i have time to run. [well, once the snow goes away.]
i am one lucky lady.

[mr. barlow gets a huge thank you for his support of my crazy working hours to quitting to being unemployed and now being a really part time worker.] 
cheers to more adventures and more blogging to come!

May 15, 2012

crunch wrap supreme

my friend whitney told me about this recipe and since mr. barlow and i dont 
frequent taco bell we thought we'd give the look a like a try.

oh man! it was good.
mr. barlow wanted to make sure his looked exactly like a crunch wrap!
i went with the easy way.

it was delish.
do yourself a favor and try it.

thank you team lawter.

recipe here >>> taco wrap deluxe

May 10, 2012

have you heard of Portal?!

"Fast thing goes in fast thing comes out." - GLaDOS

i would not call myself a video game player in the least.
ask my sisters. then ask my husband. 


mr. barlow would call himself a video game man.
he teaches all about the types of games, the different systems and how to use a controller.
AND i didnt ever know a video game had a story. they do. its cool.

my little sister in law hannah was trying to get us to play Portal with her right after our wedding but i sadly turned her down.
mr. barlow cannot pass up a deal and he got Portal 1 & 2 for like $10!
a steal one would say.
it is the funnest and funniest game!
i am kinda obsessed.
and this come from the girl that doesnt play video games.

May 09, 2012

love her mother

this is sweet.

May 08, 2012

i ran 8 miles today.

almost made it to utah lake. couldn't of done it without kim and her stories.

now my body is going to get some much deserved sleep.

May 05, 2012

cinco de mayo!

we celebrated our cinco de mayo outside in the sun watching BYU Rugby!
very fitting for the holiday i know.
but seriously, rugby is so interesting to watch!

we went with the Lowrys from our ward and Matt played rugby in high school.
he did an excellent job at explaining all the rules to us!

BYU is pretty bomb at rugby. 
they played against UCLA on saturday and dominated.
BYU [103] - UCLA [27]

it was a beautifully fun day.
we gave Mountain West Burrito a try that night to commemorate the holiday.
it was delish.

May 03, 2012

raspberry oatmeal cookie bars

jacob & i were assigned to the treats for Barlow FHE a couple Mondays ago and i wanted to make something fruity.
i got this app [for android] and found this recipe on there >>> all recipes 
it was delicious!

the recipe you can find online here >>> Raspberry Oatmeal Cookie Bars

i doubled the recipe for the FHE and i also added cinnamon to the oatmeal mixture.
and i added cream cheese to the top!
i found those little additions in the reviews part.

pre baked cookie bars!
i just randomly dolloped [is that even a word?] the cream cheese everywhere. 
[it is, just looked it up in the dictionary.]

baked raspberry oatmeal cookie bars!
and you can try it with any fruit you'd like. so yum!

southwest pasta salad

pammy jo black, her sister brittany and mama black came over a couple sundays ago for a 
little meet mr. barlow/catch up/goodbye lunch before pammy jo went to Jerusalem for the summer. 

i wanted to make something that could be made the night before since we had our lunch date right after church.
it turned out awesome and it could totally be a side dish to a party or a main lunch dish.

i found the recipe here >>> Southwest Pasta Salad

some things i changed were using red and green bell peppers and i forgot the chives!
i also added little cubes of pepper jack cheese.
and there is chicken in mine as well!
i just grilled some chicken breast with spices and shredded it.

i didnt use the dressing from this specific recipe because i didnt have the ingredients.
and i wanted a creamy dressing so i thought, "hey the cafe rio one would be good!"

so this is the dressing i made for the pasta salad >>> Creamy Lime-Cilantro Dressing
i googled a lot of the knock off recipes and i decided to go with this one bc i have no idea what a tomatillo is! 
[this sauce is also so yum on tacos!]
we all really liked it! i had it for lunch again the next day and it was still so good.