March 05, 2013

"Sittin on the dock of the Bay..."

good news minute.

mr. barlow and i are packing our bags and moving to the Bay area!
it is a sudden change and came out of left field. 
but we are excited for the adventure and here is the tale...

mr. barlow got an email from a Google recruiter on a Friday afternoon saying they matched his resume up with a job and wanted to interview him that coming Monday [Presidents Day].
[side note: jacob applied for a Google Fiber position months prior just for the fun of it but never heard anything back from it.]

Monday came and he interviewed via Google Hangout and then had 3 more Google hangout interviews later that week. one was a group one where they had to sell each other on Gmail, Android or a Chromebook so they could test all their knowledge and skills about Google products.

they called him back the next week and offered him a position!
for what you ask? we have no idea!
he had to sign a non disclosure form and we still haven't been told the product he'll be working on.

here's what we do know...

he has to be in Mountain View, Ca to train on Google Campus for about 3 weeks and then he'll be working out of the San Francisco office.
oh ya, at the end of this month. in 3 weeks.
that is all.

we are taking a huge leap of faith [not much info to go off of!] but it feels right to the both of us and an adventure will be fun.
especially where it is warmer then we are currently. 
we are definitely going to miss our family and friends in the Utah Valley. 
it has been a blessing to call this place our home for the past 1.5 years. 

any guidance for the Bay area would be greatly appreciated!

also in my last welcome back post i realized how ungrateful i sounded for my former job.
i want it to be known i was very grateful for a good paying job where i learned a lot.
it also helped me to push my Photoshop skills!
[i hate sounding so rude, i apologize.]


  1. I know I already commented on Facebook, but congratulations to you guys! This is so cool. I'm not even gonna tell Kyle, he'll be too jealous.

    1. Veronica! Can we please be neighbors! Tell Kyle to apply for a Google job that he'd be at least semi qualified for and they keep his resume! At least that's what happened for Jacob.

  2. Well, when we are passing through the Bay Area on our way to Phoebe's - we will have to drop by!! It sounds great to me!! Congrats! Phoebe and David were in Concord for a couple of years and loved it - we loved visiting them too!!

    1. We'd love if you visited! That would be so fun!

  3. Can you please write more on your blog? I miss it. No one ever blogs anymore. It makes me sad.