August 31, 2010


i love it.

look what it can do now.

go to that. you will not be disappointed. promise.

August 30, 2010

what i do.

i have a job!
it is a blessing.
i have been working now for 2 months.
serious blessing.

i had been home from the WMM for about 4 months when this prize came along.

the first interview i had after being home was for a company in Pasadena.
the day i found out that the position i applied for had been filled i came across my now job.
gotta love craigslist.

all i read was ..
studio manager. local photography studio.
local = arcadia. check. photography. def check.

i applied. out of 200 resumes mine got in the top ten.
thank goodness.
i went for an interview and i was the youngest who had applied.
luckily the owner had some background with MORMONS so my mission was understood.

he called me a few days later and i got the job!

funniest part about this is ..

i am the Studio Manager for ..
where i took my MHS Senior Portraits!
this is circa 2003.
my hannah hamill is the one who even told me about this lovely place!

so i manage myself. and ray. the owner/photographer.
when in reality he manages me.
but i take care of everything that goes on for the studio.
i love it.
i love cameras. i love high school seniors. i love eagle scouts.
i love it all.

and the biggest plus is ..

i get to ride this beauty every morning!

my sweet Electra Gypsy Beach Cruiser.
best part about this bike is that my uncles neighbor sold it to me for 50$.
its in stores for 600$.

bike basket to come this week!
just wait.

i also really LOVE listening to death cab on my ride in the am and pm
it just puts me in a chill mood.
its the best bike ride music.

summer skin.

i usually listen to it on repeat 3 - 5 times both there and back.
its the best.
summer 2010.

job. bike. death cab.
good weather. most of the time anyways.
life is good.

August 28, 2010

h + b = 1 year!


this is heather. 
my sister.
this is braden.
my brother in law.

they love each other.
it is beautiful.

today is their ..

here is a photographic trip down memory lane to present.

August 28th 2009
Mesa, Arizona
145 degrees
[i was on my mission in the beautiful wisco. but i was present. see.]

[i am DEF the only one ready for this photo!]

[big sister and little sister. she looked good!]

[all the girls. i feel like i was there. i matched anyway!]

[i knew i could count on my jose romo jr to represent me!]

now to the present .. 2010!

my life size portrait is in our house yet.
its fun to look at.

h&b you better be glad i didnt give this to you as a gift today!

i just really find this humorous! 

[sister warner & melanie elizabeth]

h&b came to CALI to celebrate their anni.
guess where?
happiest place on earth.

we went to Downtown Disney to have a romantic anni dinner with them.
i am really grateful that i got to share THIS YEAR with them!
i love you sister and brother.

seriously. best and funniest couple. ever.
i am kinda obsessed.

August 28th 2010
Anaheim, California
79 degrees
[the happy couple. and braden is still all red even though it is 65 degrees cooler! its b.c. he is albino.]

[my crazy sister! she charged me down when she saw me. secretly really loved it.]

[this is why i cant get enough of these two. braden thinks he is gangsta!]

[love at its finest.]

[and FINALLY. i love. LOVE. love them.]

on a more serious note.
there is no one better for each other.

i barely met braden 5.5 months ago.
when i stepped off the plane from wisconsin.

but i could not want or pick anyone better for my sweet and crazy heather.
you two = the best match!

many. many. many more years of love. laughter. memories.
you know that will happen with braden around!


August 20, 2010


this is ..

best friend since '97.
not really sure if it was that year but we'll say it was.

she is 25 today. 
happy day of birth.

we like to call each other mommy.

we also liked to swim and play water polo together.
we liked to share the number 5 as well.

we liked holding balloon flowers after losing games too.
[thank you ryan menlove and your clown skills!]

my dear hannah and i have shared MANY things.
to name a few ..

*a bed
[that one i can say b.c. she printed it on her wedding program!]
[maybe didnt share but i had one at her house!]
*college apartments
*231 fb friends

the list can go on and on ..

one of my fav shares was our kitteh 
we were proud mommies of this little girl!

sad day when we had to give her to a new mommy.
dang provo housing!

hannah and i grew up together in Monrovia.
we have come along way.

instead of holding balloon flowers we graduated to REAL WEDDING FLOWERS!
well SHE did anyways!

this was one of the last times i have seen my hannah.
i was lucky enough to leave on my mission AFTER her and rob tied the knot.
what a blessing.

we have def grown up.

back where we started.

i knew hannah from church and boy has she blessed my life!

always encouraging me to keep going after my goals.

being one of the best college roommates ever.

always knowing when we needed each other.

we are somehow psychic with each other.

for example:
i of course was going to CALL this sweet woman today.
no text or fb post for her.
the real deal.

i decided my lunch break would be the best time.
i was going to at the start of my break but i was oh so hungry.
so i waited.

i called.
hannah just laughed and said ..
right as i called.
doesnt get any better than this.

now we just need to see each other.
its been 2 years too long.

i miss you mommy.
i love you.

heres to you being 25!

August 13, 2010

oh time flies ..

can you believe it?!
i cant.

August 13, 2008
the day i went into the MTC.
oh how i loved the Missionary Training Center!
so many memories!

the day i officially became ..
for the next 1.5 years!
[and started the journey of meeting SO many greats! SO many its hard to name!]
just go back and read my old letters! 

i said goodbye to THIS lovely bunch and said hello to a whole new world!
what a wonderful AND tough world that was.
the MTC is a refiners fire [as said by my sarai!]

i knew the Lord would take care of all them while i was in His service.
He kept to His promise as i labored in His vineyard.
my heart ached for them everyday
the Lord blessed me in His little tender ways.

one time i REALLY really REALLY missed my sisters.
the whole day. i was new yet to the mission life.
i was in green bay. it was the fall. i was with sister hood.
we came home for lunch.
what a tender mercy! i had 3 letters from my sisters!
Heather tended to write letters. all at diff times. BUT mailed them at the SAME time in DIFF envelopes!
loved it.


August 13, 2009
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

i was JUST transferred to this GREAT area the prior week.
i fell in LOVE with the Kozlosky House!
they became instant fami!

ALSO i got put back with my SISTER BLACK!

TRIO NATION i dubbed us.
i wrote rhymes and raps on the bathroom mirror for Papa K.
i felt like b.c. i was in the MKE i needed my LA skills to come through!
[i dont have much though! dont tell Papa K!]

Papa K lit a fire this day for me.
to BURN something for my 1 year mark as Sister Warner!
what did i choose?!

oh just my beloved PANTY HOSE!
[thanks lisa jane .. btw!]

we the TRIO NATION also had the wonderful opportunity that day to go to the 
[thank you lauren major for driving us!]

they had a RC [recent convert] go for the first time!
what a blessing!
what a good day!

now to ..

AUGUST 13, 2010
this is today.

now i am home. 
i miss Wisconsin EVERYDAY!

it really does.
i just really like dates and memories.

this is me now. 
i work. i spend time with my mom. i go out with YSA in LA.
i speak in acronyms.
i text again.
a lot.
but not as much as before.
ok. that might be a lie.

either way. texting or not.

but really ..


i will NEVER get tired of saying it.
i will NEVER forget it.
or anything associated with Wisconsin.
and i am happy about that!

just like my Sister Hood [Jones. Wife of Nic. Mother of Ruby]
said to me ..
i will be that one crazy lady who always says ..


yep thats me.

and i love it. 
hope you get use to it!

August 05, 2010

on my mind ..

dates. events. activities. memories. years. people. details.

i remember things. A LOT. of things.  

i am your go to woman if you need a refresher about something in the past. 
[if i was present for it. or you told me about it. obvi.]

my companions on my mission would sometimes get annoyed that i could remember every detail about a place or people.

sister black would still call me after i left GB to ask me details. i loved it.

my big sisters fav thing to tell me is .. "CLIFF NOTES VERSION!" .. because i can remember every detail to a story or a dream and i REALLY feel like i need to tell her it ALL when i am sharing a story with her!
she really loves it.

my sarai wishes i was still living with them in spanish fork so i could mentally document the kids' life and tell her all their crazy stories over and over!

one of the many memories on my mind today ..

this photograph was taken 1 year ago today. it was a wednesday.
 i could tell you every thing we did before and after i took this photograph. 

and even WHY i wanted this photograph.

it was my last day in appleton, wisconsin.
and we were dubbed the WINNEBAGO SISTERS!
sister warner & sister v.johnson.

i left this great city and went to the greatness of milwaukee the next day.

wow. memories. i love them.

today is another day of greats. its been 5 months. 

5 months of "normal" life we will call it.

the adjustment is interesting. 
good. funny. awkward. hard. intimidating. new.
so many things.

i hope i dont get Alzheimers one day. 

i love having a good memory.
sometimes its beneficial. 
sometimes not.

so if you want to remember something.
just ask miss melanie.
the mind freak.