August 20, 2010


this is ..

best friend since '97.
not really sure if it was that year but we'll say it was.

she is 25 today. 
happy day of birth.

we like to call each other mommy.

we also liked to swim and play water polo together.
we liked to share the number 5 as well.

we liked holding balloon flowers after losing games too.
[thank you ryan menlove and your clown skills!]

my dear hannah and i have shared MANY things.
to name a few ..

*a bed
[that one i can say b.c. she printed it on her wedding program!]
[maybe didnt share but i had one at her house!]
*college apartments
*231 fb friends

the list can go on and on ..

one of my fav shares was our kitteh 
we were proud mommies of this little girl!

sad day when we had to give her to a new mommy.
dang provo housing!

hannah and i grew up together in Monrovia.
we have come along way.

instead of holding balloon flowers we graduated to REAL WEDDING FLOWERS!
well SHE did anyways!

this was one of the last times i have seen my hannah.
i was lucky enough to leave on my mission AFTER her and rob tied the knot.
what a blessing.

we have def grown up.

back where we started.

i knew hannah from church and boy has she blessed my life!

always encouraging me to keep going after my goals.

being one of the best college roommates ever.

always knowing when we needed each other.

we are somehow psychic with each other.

for example:
i of course was going to CALL this sweet woman today.
no text or fb post for her.
the real deal.

i decided my lunch break would be the best time.
i was going to at the start of my break but i was oh so hungry.
so i waited.

i called.
hannah just laughed and said ..
right as i called.
doesnt get any better than this.

now we just need to see each other.
its been 2 years too long.

i miss you mommy.
i love you.

heres to you being 25!


  1. You are the sweetest. I miss you!!!!!!!

  2. Miss and love you both. And your little cat too. :)