February 23, 2009

WINNEBAGO .. not the rv ! [02.23.09]

i am officially in my NEW AREA !

i am now serving in the WINNEBAGO YSA BRANCH .. it covers all the YSA from the Appleton Stake and the Green Bay Stake !

i live in Appleton and we work in the areas of West Bend, Sheboygan, Fon Du Lac, Oshkosh, Neenah, Appleton and Green Bay .. SO LOTS TO DO !

1st item of business is my address !

You can send me mail/packages/love/birthday presents at :

5014 N. Meade St.
Appleton, WI 54913

We live with the Bishop and Wife of the Appleton 2nd Ward .. the THIELS ! the coolest people ever ! it is def diff living with members then just an apartment but it is grand ! I love it.

My new companion is SISTER KRISTEN JOHNSON .. from orem, utah ! she is wonderful ! she has been here in the Winnebago YSA Branch for 7 months now ! we are having a lot of fun together.

So let me tell you how my last week was !

I said goodbye to the ENTIRE COMMUNITY OF GREEN BAY .. as sister black would say ! I visited SO MANY people and took TONS of pictures ! I will forever be OBSESSED with GREEN BAY !

I had my last eating contest with BISHOP HUZZEY [video included]

I played some amazing last volleyball games with the GB ZONE and at WOMENS VOLLEYBALL !

I said “see you later” to my UWGB friends and campus ! [the beauty of working with the YSA Branch is that I am able to still work with the GB Sisters and the YSA up there !]

I had an amazing last GB dinner with the whole RIBBENS family !

And of course we had CULVERS CUSTARD right before I left GB on the transfer bus !

LIFE IS AMAZING .. there is SO MUCH POTENTIAL here for the YSA Branch .. I can really see this branch turning into a WARD one day !

We have spent a lot of time planning and getting some good goals for this area ! I am excited to see the growth happen !

there is so much to say and not enough time .. next weeks email will be better but we have ZONE CONFERENCE this week so i will see my baby girl black and i will tell you more ALL ABOUT THE YSA's .. next time ! the transfer theme for my 5th transfer is ALMA 29:1-2,9 i especially enjoy verse 9:

"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy."

i know i am here in the Winnebago Branch for a reason. i am excited to be here and i love LOVE love being a missionary !


sister warner

February 16, 2009

leave your area stronger .. [02.16.09]

PMG [137] says :

"You are assigned to do the Lord's work in a specific area. He wants you to watch over your area with love and great care. DO ALL YOU CAN TO LEAVE YOUR AREA STRONGER THAN YOU FOUND IT."

on thursday 02.19 i have to say "see you later" [NOT GOODBYE] to my beloved areas of GREEN BAY and STURGEON BAY .. it feels just like yesterday that i came here and met the wonderful members and people of the GREEN BAY and STRUGEON BAY.

my hearts breaks as i have to leave this area and the people i have come to know so well. this has been my home away from home. it is AMAZING to see the GROWTH that has happened .. i feel content in the fact that i am leaving b.c. just like PMG says "DO ALL YOU CAN TO LEAVE YOUR AREA STRONGER THAN YOU FOUND IT" .. i feel that i have been effective in the GB and SB areas in helping that growth and strength. i LOVE these two areas with all my heart but i KNOW that papa barr is an inspired man and he has received revelation for me to go to a diff part of WISCONSIN b.c. i am also needed there.

BUT ..

as of now i am NOT sure where i am going ! we get that call tuesday night but the 2 open areas for sisters are




i know that whereve i go i will take with me ALL my heart, might, mind and strength !


so please send all your love and letters too :
[until i figure out where i am headed too]

sister melanie elizabeth warner
wisconsin milwaukee mission
5651 broad st. ste #1
greendale, wi 53129


so here is the story about the blessings overflowing the gates in the GB & SB :

yesterday .. sunday 02.15.09 was AMAZING !

we had .. FOUR .. UWGB students come to chruch .. 1 is a less active member and 2 students .. RACHEL and ERICKA we have met at Soup for the Soul and then there is AMY BROWN .. we had never met her before or seen her .. i greeted her when she came in and asked who she was and what brought her here .. she had talked to a missionary on mormon.org and he encouraged her to come to church .. she is very eager to learn and loved the sacrament meeting ! yesterday was just phenomenal !

when i got to the gb1st ward i couldnt hold in the news that i would be leaving this wonderful place .. i talked to bishop huzzey and told him the news and he just gave me a smile and said "that is unacceptable !" little did i know i should have never said anything .. he called me up to the stand to say a few words and bear my testimony. it was def a suprise and a blessing.

as i stood in front of the microphone, my heart burned as it was on fire. i had received another answer that bein a representative of Jesus Christ is what my Heavenly Father needs of me. to teach people that there is a living prophet on the earth today, that the gospel of Jesus Christ is restored in its fulness, that the book of mormon changes peoples lives, that this gospel is where everlasting happiness lies, these principles and many more are true. i KNOW they are. i have received many answers that these things are true. it is an amazing opprotunity that i am able to be a missionary and share this and challenge others to know for themselves.

this is WHY i am a missionary : 1 nephi 8:10-12

my life is amazing. thank you all for your support and love. it means the world to me.

our lesson with JEFF about the restoration last 02.09 was AMAZING. the spirit was incredible. there was a period of about 3 minutes of TOTAL SILENCE after we asked jeff a question. the spirit was SO strong and the silence was not awkward or unbearable. it was the spirit speaking to jeff and it was beautiful. at the end of the lesson he said to us "i cant come this far and not want to know more." it was amazing !

MORMON MYTHBUSTERS was AMAZING ! our panel was Bishop & Sister Huzzey, Brother Carlsruh, Sister Louthain, Jennifer Ribbens, Brandy and Megan - recent convert of 2 months [YSA's from Winnebago] and the missionaries ! about 40 students were there and the questions and answers were better then GREAT ! that eve we talked to ERIC [uwgb student] and he is def interested in wanting to know more !

UWGB is opening up like no other and it is amazing .. this gospel is true and the spirit is teaching them of its fulness and it is amazing to watch !
the next day @ UWGB was ORGSMORG ! we had a booth set up for LDSSA and the club went from 2 members to 24 ! THE LORD BLESSES US ! the club is all about service, fun and friends ! we met so many more college kids at the orgsmorg and it was amazing ! s.black and i love getting shoutouts from the students !

we went up to SB this week as well .. we had amazing lessons with CAREY OTTO and TOM KRUECK .. it is wonderful to see the spirit change their hearts and be more open and receptive to the message of the Restoration and the Savior.

we also went to see PRESIDENT ROBERTSON [sb branch president] in the SBHS musical ! he played a very good TIN MAN and the littlest Chole was in it with her 3 brothers and everytime she was on stage and saw us her face lit up ! she loves the sister missionaries ! the robertson fam also introduced us to a couple of their friends in the SB area !


lots of love in lovin the area and investigators and ward members !

the best love was from the RIBBENS FAMILY .. they got s.black and i both a single stem rose and chocolates ! now who does that ? i love the ribbens and i am very very sad i am leaving my jrib ! they are SO good to us !
we had a wonderful lesson with NESSA about lehis dream and the desirable fruit. she told us she KNOWS the book of mormon is true ! SARAH DEAN calls her every night and they read the book of mormon and pray together over the phone .. they are the cutest and the BEST at fellowshipping .. they had a little valentines party on 02.13 at the dean home and vanessa went with all the other 10-11 year olds in the ward to the party and we didnt even know about it ! it was amazing !
we also taught FARRAH that day at the hyden home about the restoration and the book of mormon. she came to church as well and loves the spirit she feels there .. she loves what she is learning and its amazing to see her grow !

we had valentines dinner at the COZZENS home with BETH HUNTLEY and the HUNTLEY KIDS ! we had such good converstations and we were each able to bear our testimony to her on how this gospel has changed our lives !

i could go on FOR DAYS about the work and the success and the growth but time is short and i have lots to do .. LIKE PACK !! aaahhhh

i am SO SO SO blessed and i feel my Heavenly Father and His Son's love for me stronger then ever. this gospel is true. i have no doubts.

i am so sad i have to leave my baby girl black after what only feels like a couple of weeks .. i know she will be in good hands and she is such an AMAZING MISSIONARY !

oh and btw/p.s. .. MY BIRTHDAY IS IN ONE MONTH FROM TODAY .. MARCH 16th .. everyone .. im just sayin baby, im just sayin ! i am NOT sure i want to say how old i will be b.c. being a "sister missionary" already comes with a few stereotypes like s.black pointed out to the elders yesterday .."i'm a sister missionary, all we do is cry, talk about our feelings and ask for blessings." haha its all a joke BUT the elders loved it !

i love you all.
sister warner

February 09, 2009

its gettin hot in here ! [02.09.08]

IT WARMED UP .. last week for 2 WHOLE days .. everyone said, "this is just a spring teaser" .. it was 40degrees on Friday and Saturday ! s.black and i decided to ditch our boots and wear our "normal missionary" shoes ! it was a blessing ..

BUT now it is back down to the 20's ! it WAS a tease ! someday winter will be over ! i'm praying for it !

MISSIONARY WORK is on FIRE though ! we had a wonderful week full of miracles ! i really do love my life !

last Monday 02.02.09 was the busiest pday i have ever had ! s.black and i had over 3weeks of laundry to do and the RIBBENS family is so kind to let us take over their washer and dryer ! jrib also took us to Sam's Club so we could get treats for the Mormon MythBusters Booth on UWGB ! we had pizza at Sam's Club [there are no Costco's in WI] and it reminded me of my Costco lunch dates with my KAY FIGAWHAT .. i love you b ! time just seemed to be gone that day ! oh and pday volleyball .. TEAM WARNER DOMINATED ! [i would like to make a clarification to my email last week about team warner and team black .. 2 weeks ago team black WON when i said we tied ! haha BUT last week and DEF today team warner will WIN !]

we went to the EC last Monday [02.02.09] night for DINNER FOR A $1 .. its a dinner that is sponsored by a different church organization every month .. this month it was the CATHOLIC SISTERS FROM ST FRANCIS and we were able to have a wonderful talk with them about missionary work and being a "sister". we also met JASON [from South Africa] and JUDITH [from Ireland] ! Jason is on a swimming scholarship at UWGB and Judith's dad owns a farm in De Pere [which is 15mins away from green bay] so she decided she liked Wisconsin so she would come to school here ! we had a good discussion with them on WHY and HOW we were here in WISCONSIN all the way from LA and Phoenix .. they were very interested and Jason even has 2 friends that play rugby at BYU ! we are going to see them on campus this week at the ORGSMORG that LDSSA is a part of this semester !

we started promoting MORMON MYTHBUSTERS .. it goes down tomorrow night 02.10.09 ! s.black and i are so excited ! students have been putting good questions into the box and we have an amazing panel ready to go to answer the students questions. we are hoping and praying for a good turnout. we have FAITH that it will be GREAT !

I LOVE UWGB. good things are happening on that campus and we wont let them stop !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JENNIFER AMELIA RIBBENS ON TUESDAY 02.03.09 ! jrib is the best ward missionary EVER ! she does so much for us and is always willing to help. we wanted to show our love and gratitude to her on her special day .. we made her a birthday cake and the candles spelled "jrib" ! also through great computer talents i was able to make jrib a "missionary tag" ! sister ribbens LOVED it. through the skills of mom ribbens [joanne] we SUPRISED jrib at aurora hospital before her physical therapy ! it was SO much fun. while jrib was in therapy we had a wonderful conversation with joanne ! i love love the ribbens fam !

the women of the GB 1st ward are amazing ! they come out with us weekly ! this week was ARLENE MARKER and TAMERA NORTH ! we had great visits .. both s.black and i .. members are the KEY to this work .. really. President Eyring wrote about this important subject just last month in the Ensign .. read it and follow his counsel ! [let us raise our voice of warning]

i LOVE the KREHBIELS ! adam and greta [she is who cut my hair off 5months ago !] we had a wonderful dinner and visit with them about missionary work. LILY is their 3year old daughter who is one of my favs out here ! she is so fun ! me and her did all the dishes together that night .. it DEF reminded me of doing the dishes at my monte and sarais with my little omi always there to help me :)

LISA ROBERTSON is the best. she is like our mother out here in GB .. she even leaves us messages that say "this is your mother, call me !" haha she is the best ! she is the wife of our WML PAUL ROBERTSON [ BUT the saddest news ever is that he wont be for much longer .. they just called him to the high council so right now he is on double duty but before long they will find someone new to be the wml ] so back to LISA .. she does LUNCH LESSONS with friends from the ward and usually 1 person not of the Mormon Faith comes every time ! this week we did the lesson on LOVE and jenny doucettes mom, RUTH came and it was a great chance to talk more about the doctrines and beliefs of the church .. she asked GREAT questions and THE MEMBERS GAVE THE BEST ANSWERS ! it was amazing. also with talking about Lisa is her littlest daughter OLIVIA is the funniest little girl ever ! this is the story Lisa told about Olivia this week : lisa forgot to buckle olivia up in the car, olivia tells lisa [mom] she forgot to buckle her, lisa gives olivia praises and thanks her for telling her, olivia says, "the Holy Ghost told me to tell you !" [lisa gets proud mommy moment] the olivia says, "AND the Holy Ghost wants to go to Chuckie Cheese!" oh i love that girl !

ANTIONETTE !!! she is so cool .. she is 17years old and lives on the west side of GB .. the elders asked us to visit her since we were over there and our other appointment got cancelled ! we had an AMAZING first lesson with her about the RESTORATION and THE BOOK OF MORMON ! we are meeting with her again this week !

we are back at the GREEN BAY BOTANICAL GARDENS doing service .. we help with serving soup and taking tickets for this event ! we have gotten really close with all the workers there and are able to have really good gospel centered discussions !

on Saturday 02.07.09 our WHOLE day was filled with service .. we helped at LAMBEAU FIELD for the American Red Cross .. the jrib and elders came with and we face painted for 3 hours ! we were able to talk to a lot of kids and their parents ! it was really good ! and then my FAV was we helped out at ARTIS GRAS .. its where a bunch of ARTIST bring there work to and sell it ! i SAW some beautiful art. i TALKED with a couple artists as well and it was really great b.c. i was able to relate to them with their art and the questions they asked about me of course led to a conversation on THE GOSPEL and why i was here in WISCONSIN ! i loved it.

that night of 02.07.09 we taught our sweet VANESSA aka "nessa" at the DEAN HOME ! we taught her about THE ATONEMENT .. we did another object lesson that involved ME doing push ups in a skirt ! we had brownies and for everyone who DID or DID NOT want the brownies i had to do 3 push ups. the lesson meant this: the atonement covers all of us, Jesus Christ went through EVERYTHING FOR EACH OF US .. it is us who needs to use the atonement and the only way we do that is through baptism by the proper authority. baptism invokes the gift of the atonement .. to repent daily, to have someone who knows EVERYTHING we feel .. the sorrows, the pains and even the joys. it is a necessary ordinace for us to return and live with our Heavenly Father. Nessa understood it very well and she WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED ! we are working with her father, who is a member .. Rick, and we need to get her mothers approval .. her parents were never married and are on little talking terms. VANESSA is the sweetest 10year old i know .. i think about myself a lot when i am with her. her eyes light up when we are all together and are teaching her, its beautiful ! SARA DEAN is her age and they have such a good friendship .. Sara Dean is calling her everynight this week to read the book of mormom together ! they started last night and love it !

the best part about SUNDAY [yesterday 02.08.09] was seeing JULIANE KLINGLER walk in the doors of the chapel ! JULIANE is a UWGB student and she is originally from milwaukee .. s.hood knew her when she was serving in milwaukee and we found juliane on campus the first week i was here in GB. last semester we invited her to church and activities but she never came .. as s.black and i were walking through the UWGB hall last week we saw juliane for the first time this semester ! one of the first things she said to me was, "i was going to call you and ask you what time the ward met .. i started going back to church when i was at home for break and i want to come here" tears welled up in my eyes when she said that ! she was in Stevens Point this weekend but she woke up early to come back to GB and come to church ! her and jrib became friends on sunday ! it was SO SO SO good !

TONIGHT we are teaching JEFF @ the millett home ! we are so excited for this opportunity ! and also FARRAH and IRIS are back from LA .. so we are gonna see them as well !

i know i say this a lot but I LOVE MY LIFE ! it is amazing. i am so blessed and so grateful to be here in wisconsin as a representative of Jesus Christ !

ANOTHER BEST OF THE WEEK ! i have been obsessed with ORANGES recently .. ever since christmas i have had 3 or more a day ! so this last week when we were at the store i debated yes more oranges or no ? i went with no and then next day i really wished i had an orange. on friday we had a FedEx package delivered to our apt. i assumed it was for s.black b.c. no one told me they were sending me anything but it ended up being for ME ! i had NO clue who it was from or what it could be ! when i got the package i saw it was from MONROVIA and it was from MATT TUILISU ! i opened it as fast as i could and you would never believe what was in the package ! ORANGES ! straight from grandma sue's CALIFORNIA ORANGE TREE ! i just started screaming and laughing and s.black just laughed at me ! it was the BEST day ! THANK YOU SO MUCH MATT and GRANDMA SUE ! they are delicious ! i love you !

p.s. this transfer is coming to a close on 02.19.09 .. we have transfer calls this saturday 02.14.09 so by this weekend i will know if i am staying in the GB or if i have to leave .. i have been here almost 6 months and it has been the best time yet ! i am praying i STAY for at least 1 more b.c. i love my baby girl black and i love the people of GB and everything that has to do with GB ! we shall see !

his birthday is on 02.13 ! let me tell you a little story about my bffl .. we met when i was 16 and i started working at CHILIS BAR and GRILL .. i was a hostess, jose romo jr was a host and busser. we both attended MHS but he was a jr and i a sophomore. we became quick friends .. always getting into some kind of trouble at Chilis but luckily his dad ROMO SR was really tight with the managers so he took our write ups out of our files for us. months turned to years and next thing i knew i was moving to UTAH for college .. jose romo jr and i remained friends and when i came home for the summers our friendship grew to BEST FRIENDS ! jose romo jr is the kind of friend who flys up to Utah just so you have someone to drive home with. he also helps you move from apartment to apartment even when he doesnt live in that state. jose romo jr lives exactly 7 minutes in the daytime and 5 minutes in the night time from my house to his house in monrovia. .. fun fact ! when 2 sister missionaries for the "mormon" church knocked on his door summer 2007 he decided to listen. he called me and told me "my" friends showed up and he invited them in and wanted to know more. jose romo jr was baptized December 23, 2007 into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. i am on a mission now b.c. when i was able to be with jose romo jr as the sister missionaries in the california arcadia mission taught him, i knew i wanted EVERYONE to have this everlasting happiness. jose romo jr was the first person i was able to be with and help on his journey to the knowledge that the book of mormon is true. his favorite hymn when he joined the church was "choose the right" b.c. i use to sing it to him while we went from store to store to find FAKE TATTOOS ! jose romo jr wears a tshirt while he is now living in utah that says "my best friend for lyfe is in wisconsin". jose romo jr is an amazing example to me of faith, hope, charity, love and trust. thank you for being my best friend for ever jose romo jr and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

sister warner

February 02, 2009

life changing .. [02.02.09]

THE BOOK OF MORMON CHANGES LIVES. i know this because it has changed my life. i understand and know more about the atonement. i feel my Heavenly Fathers love for me so strong. life is clearer as i read and ponder the teachings of The Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon Introduction says :
"We invite all men everywhere to read the Book of Mormon, to ponder in their hearts the message it contains, and then to ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ if the book is true. Those who pursue this course and ask in faith will gain a testimony of its truth and divinity by the power of the Holy Ghost. (See Moroni 10: 3-5.) Those who gain this divine witness from the Holy Spirit will also come to know by the same power that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, that Joseph Smith is his revelator and prophet in these last days, and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's kingdom once again established on the earth, preparatory to the second coming of the Messiah."

as i have invited people here in GB to read this special book i have seen it change their lives. their journeys in coming to know the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon is amazing. to see the light of Christ radiate through them as their testimony grows and their faith is strengthened is an amazing blessing and opportunity for me. i wouldn't trade going through this journey of helping others find everlasting happiness and in the process have my testimony strengthened each day for anything in the world. I LOVE WISCONSIN.

the forecaster said this week, "good news in Green Bay, temperatures will be WARMING up to ABOUT FREEZING !" the past 2 days have been about 32degrees WHICH IS 70degrees warmer then 2 weeks ago when it was -40 ! i never thought i would say 32degrees felt warm !

we had an INTENSE PDAY VOLLEYBALL game last week ! team warner and team black are pretty competitive ! i think it was a tie last week but today TEAM WARNER will win !

we had NOCHE DE HOGAR [fhe] with IRIS & FARRAH last monday night .. we talked on the family proclamation and it was really good. afterward i had a wonderful conversation with just farrah and i about the BofM and how it can change her life. she has been coming to YW's every week and the spanish branch plays volleyball every thursday eve and she also comes to that ! iris and farrah are in LA this whole week for a little vacay and for some business BUT i told them to DEF go to IN-N-OUT and PASADENA and of course MONROVIA ! [marmie .. i gave them our address so they could go visit you for me ! ]

s.black and i had a special experience on tuesday 01.27.09 .. we spend most of our day on tuesdays at UWGB .. there is Soup 4 the Soul and Institute and we try and do a lot of campus work that day SO .. s.black and i prayed that we would would be able to find 1 new investigator that day at UWGB .. right before we walked into the EC that night i looked at s.black and said, "we are going to find 1 new investigator here, do you have faith we will ?" of course my baby girl blacks faith is SO strong and THE LORD BLESSED US .. not only with 1 new investigator BUT 2 ! RACHEL & SARAH are amazing ! we gave them both a copy of The Book of Mormon and they loved the message we shared with them. the Lord truly answered our prayers b.c. of our faith in Him. it was such a blessing and amazing experience for s.black and i.

we had a wonderful time at WOMENS VOLLEYBALL ! s.black and i talked to JONI and BONNIE a lot about the gospel and The Book of Mormon. they were both interested in what we had to say. it is amazing to be used as an instrument in the Lords hands.
the YW New Beginnings was this week .. CORRY & FARRAH & NIKKI came ! the spirit that abounds in the youth is amazing .. they shared their testimonies and talents and it was beautiful. sweet corry got up and bore her testimony on the gospel of Jesus Christ and how her life has changed. she is such and example to me ! HEATHER MILLETT is the Laurels President and a Ward Missionary and comes out with us a lot. she said at YW's one of the best examples to her was the SISTER MISSIONARIES .. my heart was full of love for that girl .. i am so grateful i can be here !

another amazing experience with HEATHER MILLETT is back in December i challenged her to ask her friend JEFF to take the lessons from the missionaries. JEFF is SO prepared .. he has come to a lot of youth activities and different broadcasts and he has felt the spirit SO strong. so my sweet heather millett took on my challenge and jeff said he would think about it .. holidays came and went .. he was still thinking .. 2 weeks ago heather told me, "jeff said he would take the lessons .. BEFORE he went to college .." which is some time away .. BUT yesterday she said jeff decided he wants to take the lessons NOW ! a meeting is in the works ! heather millett is such an example to me .. i told her if i was 17yr and a missionary asked me to ask my BF to take the lessons i prob would of said no .. i would have been too scared BUT my heather millett is amazing and did it and is seeing blessings ! she also told me one snowy night while she was out with us "i am walking in your footsteps" I LOVE THAT GIRL !

we had dinner with the DEAN FAMILY .. they are amazing .. brother dean is the 2nd counselor in the bishopric here in the gb 1st ward ! SARA DEAN and our little VANESSA are the same age and love playing together. we had a lesson with VANESSA at the dean home on friday night .. we talked about Jesus Christ and the many miracles he preformed .. she enjoyed the lesson and her time with the dean family !

i was able to use the talents i have been given this week ! i took family photographs for the MILLER FAMILY .. they have the cutest 3year old IDENTICAL twins EVER ! they were SO fun to photograph and they love to throw footballs and play !

we are also matchmakers here on the mission .. we got the STRUCKS hooked up with the MILLERS and they took us out to lunch to the TEXAS ROADHOUSE .. it was so good and it was funny to see BART MILLER and SAM STRUCK ask each other for their phone numbers ! oh the friends we make !

we stopped by CORRY's house on saturday to drop off a pictures of the Savior and the Chicago Temple a member in the ward wanted her to have, she was not home b.c. she was with the youth on an outing in the UP and her mom, NARRI came to the door and just asked very calmly, "i thought corry was with you !" we quickly explained she was with the church just not us missionaries ! it was funny but we were able to have a good talk with her about corrys baptism and her experience !

we also got to see YASMIN and MICKEY [yasmins bf] .. yasmin has been really sick and we gave here some herbal tea and taught mickey about the restoration ! mickey came to church and enjoyed being there .. we are gonna teach him more this week and have corry teach yasmin and him as well !

SUNDAY 02.01.09 was the BEST DAY EVER ! s. black and i DIVIDED AND CONQUERED ! she went up to STURGEON BAY with heather millett and i stayed in GREEN BAY with jrib !

so many people came to church in the GB !

VANESSA and MICKEY came and loved it. our quiet nessa answered a question in primary. mickey enjoyed hearing peoples testimonies and President Biolo introduced him to everyone in the ward !

HEDEI is the ZL's investigator that s.black and i taught once ! she bore her testimony on the power in the priesthood and coming to the knowledge that the BofM is true. she is getting BAPTIZED FEBRUARY 14th !

it was amazing to see the RIBBENS all at church .. jrib was very happy and i def loved seeing them all there !

i def missed mi hermana black for the day so it was nice getting to come back and share all our experiences of the day together !

s.black had a wonderful time in SB. we got a referral for a PHILOMENA who was just baptized 3 weeks ago in ALASKA and now she lives in SB ! she is 16 and is coming to school out here in wisconsin .. s.black met her at church and we are going to be working for her a lot. she is such a blessing to the SB Branch !

the work is flourishing here in GB and SB. there is so much going on.

.UWGB. UWGB. UWGB. UWGB. UWGB. this is a huge week of promoting ! MORMON MYTHBUSTERS is on 02.10.09 ! we are so excited for this event. we are having a panel answer any questions the students have on the Mormon Faith ! i also love when students recognize us on campus and say hi to us ! its amazing what is going forth on the UWGB campus !
the Lord is blessing us. life is amazing. i couldn't be happier. i know i was supposed to be here in WISCONSIN ! i know i said for the longest time "WISCONSIN IS SO RANDOM" but just like my papa told me on May 8th, 2008 when i received my mission call to the WISCONSIN MILWAUKEE MISSION, "its not random, its inspired." i truly believe and know that i was called by a prophet of the Lord, Thomas S. Monson, to serve as Heavenly Fathers instrument in the WMM.

sister warner

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE BROTHER .. MONTE SOLOMON MEMMOTT JR. i can not believe you are 7 years old ! i miss you sol and love you and hope you have an amazing day !

also HAPPY GROUNDHOGS DAY ! my papas FAV holiday ! [or maybe is it labor day b.c. of RIBFEST ??]