February 09, 2009

its gettin hot in here ! [02.09.08]

IT WARMED UP .. last week for 2 WHOLE days .. everyone said, "this is just a spring teaser" .. it was 40degrees on Friday and Saturday ! s.black and i decided to ditch our boots and wear our "normal missionary" shoes ! it was a blessing ..

BUT now it is back down to the 20's ! it WAS a tease ! someday winter will be over ! i'm praying for it !

MISSIONARY WORK is on FIRE though ! we had a wonderful week full of miracles ! i really do love my life !

last Monday 02.02.09 was the busiest pday i have ever had ! s.black and i had over 3weeks of laundry to do and the RIBBENS family is so kind to let us take over their washer and dryer ! jrib also took us to Sam's Club so we could get treats for the Mormon MythBusters Booth on UWGB ! we had pizza at Sam's Club [there are no Costco's in WI] and it reminded me of my Costco lunch dates with my KAY FIGAWHAT .. i love you b ! time just seemed to be gone that day ! oh and pday volleyball .. TEAM WARNER DOMINATED ! [i would like to make a clarification to my email last week about team warner and team black .. 2 weeks ago team black WON when i said we tied ! haha BUT last week and DEF today team warner will WIN !]

we went to the EC last Monday [02.02.09] night for DINNER FOR A $1 .. its a dinner that is sponsored by a different church organization every month .. this month it was the CATHOLIC SISTERS FROM ST FRANCIS and we were able to have a wonderful talk with them about missionary work and being a "sister". we also met JASON [from South Africa] and JUDITH [from Ireland] ! Jason is on a swimming scholarship at UWGB and Judith's dad owns a farm in De Pere [which is 15mins away from green bay] so she decided she liked Wisconsin so she would come to school here ! we had a good discussion with them on WHY and HOW we were here in WISCONSIN all the way from LA and Phoenix .. they were very interested and Jason even has 2 friends that play rugby at BYU ! we are going to see them on campus this week at the ORGSMORG that LDSSA is a part of this semester !

we started promoting MORMON MYTHBUSTERS .. it goes down tomorrow night 02.10.09 ! s.black and i are so excited ! students have been putting good questions into the box and we have an amazing panel ready to go to answer the students questions. we are hoping and praying for a good turnout. we have FAITH that it will be GREAT !

I LOVE UWGB. good things are happening on that campus and we wont let them stop !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JENNIFER AMELIA RIBBENS ON TUESDAY 02.03.09 ! jrib is the best ward missionary EVER ! she does so much for us and is always willing to help. we wanted to show our love and gratitude to her on her special day .. we made her a birthday cake and the candles spelled "jrib" ! also through great computer talents i was able to make jrib a "missionary tag" ! sister ribbens LOVED it. through the skills of mom ribbens [joanne] we SUPRISED jrib at aurora hospital before her physical therapy ! it was SO much fun. while jrib was in therapy we had a wonderful conversation with joanne ! i love love the ribbens fam !

the women of the GB 1st ward are amazing ! they come out with us weekly ! this week was ARLENE MARKER and TAMERA NORTH ! we had great visits .. both s.black and i .. members are the KEY to this work .. really. President Eyring wrote about this important subject just last month in the Ensign .. read it and follow his counsel ! [let us raise our voice of warning]

i LOVE the KREHBIELS ! adam and greta [she is who cut my hair off 5months ago !] we had a wonderful dinner and visit with them about missionary work. LILY is their 3year old daughter who is one of my favs out here ! she is so fun ! me and her did all the dishes together that night .. it DEF reminded me of doing the dishes at my monte and sarais with my little omi always there to help me :)

LISA ROBERTSON is the best. she is like our mother out here in GB .. she even leaves us messages that say "this is your mother, call me !" haha she is the best ! she is the wife of our WML PAUL ROBERTSON [ BUT the saddest news ever is that he wont be for much longer .. they just called him to the high council so right now he is on double duty but before long they will find someone new to be the wml ] so back to LISA .. she does LUNCH LESSONS with friends from the ward and usually 1 person not of the Mormon Faith comes every time ! this week we did the lesson on LOVE and jenny doucettes mom, RUTH came and it was a great chance to talk more about the doctrines and beliefs of the church .. she asked GREAT questions and THE MEMBERS GAVE THE BEST ANSWERS ! it was amazing. also with talking about Lisa is her littlest daughter OLIVIA is the funniest little girl ever ! this is the story Lisa told about Olivia this week : lisa forgot to buckle olivia up in the car, olivia tells lisa [mom] she forgot to buckle her, lisa gives olivia praises and thanks her for telling her, olivia says, "the Holy Ghost told me to tell you !" [lisa gets proud mommy moment] the olivia says, "AND the Holy Ghost wants to go to Chuckie Cheese!" oh i love that girl !

ANTIONETTE !!! she is so cool .. she is 17years old and lives on the west side of GB .. the elders asked us to visit her since we were over there and our other appointment got cancelled ! we had an AMAZING first lesson with her about the RESTORATION and THE BOOK OF MORMON ! we are meeting with her again this week !

we are back at the GREEN BAY BOTANICAL GARDENS doing service .. we help with serving soup and taking tickets for this event ! we have gotten really close with all the workers there and are able to have really good gospel centered discussions !

on Saturday 02.07.09 our WHOLE day was filled with service .. we helped at LAMBEAU FIELD for the American Red Cross .. the jrib and elders came with and we face painted for 3 hours ! we were able to talk to a lot of kids and their parents ! it was really good ! and then my FAV was we helped out at ARTIS GRAS .. its where a bunch of ARTIST bring there work to and sell it ! i SAW some beautiful art. i TALKED with a couple artists as well and it was really great b.c. i was able to relate to them with their art and the questions they asked about me of course led to a conversation on THE GOSPEL and why i was here in WISCONSIN ! i loved it.

that night of 02.07.09 we taught our sweet VANESSA aka "nessa" at the DEAN HOME ! we taught her about THE ATONEMENT .. we did another object lesson that involved ME doing push ups in a skirt ! we had brownies and for everyone who DID or DID NOT want the brownies i had to do 3 push ups. the lesson meant this: the atonement covers all of us, Jesus Christ went through EVERYTHING FOR EACH OF US .. it is us who needs to use the atonement and the only way we do that is through baptism by the proper authority. baptism invokes the gift of the atonement .. to repent daily, to have someone who knows EVERYTHING we feel .. the sorrows, the pains and even the joys. it is a necessary ordinace for us to return and live with our Heavenly Father. Nessa understood it very well and she WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED ! we are working with her father, who is a member .. Rick, and we need to get her mothers approval .. her parents were never married and are on little talking terms. VANESSA is the sweetest 10year old i know .. i think about myself a lot when i am with her. her eyes light up when we are all together and are teaching her, its beautiful ! SARA DEAN is her age and they have such a good friendship .. Sara Dean is calling her everynight this week to read the book of mormom together ! they started last night and love it !

the best part about SUNDAY [yesterday 02.08.09] was seeing JULIANE KLINGLER walk in the doors of the chapel ! JULIANE is a UWGB student and she is originally from milwaukee .. s.hood knew her when she was serving in milwaukee and we found juliane on campus the first week i was here in GB. last semester we invited her to church and activities but she never came .. as s.black and i were walking through the UWGB hall last week we saw juliane for the first time this semester ! one of the first things she said to me was, "i was going to call you and ask you what time the ward met .. i started going back to church when i was at home for break and i want to come here" tears welled up in my eyes when she said that ! she was in Stevens Point this weekend but she woke up early to come back to GB and come to church ! her and jrib became friends on sunday ! it was SO SO SO good !

TONIGHT we are teaching JEFF @ the millett home ! we are so excited for this opportunity ! and also FARRAH and IRIS are back from LA .. so we are gonna see them as well !

i know i say this a lot but I LOVE MY LIFE ! it is amazing. i am so blessed and so grateful to be here in wisconsin as a representative of Jesus Christ !

ANOTHER BEST OF THE WEEK ! i have been obsessed with ORANGES recently .. ever since christmas i have had 3 or more a day ! so this last week when we were at the store i debated yes more oranges or no ? i went with no and then next day i really wished i had an orange. on friday we had a FedEx package delivered to our apt. i assumed it was for s.black b.c. no one told me they were sending me anything but it ended up being for ME ! i had NO clue who it was from or what it could be ! when i got the package i saw it was from MONROVIA and it was from MATT TUILISU ! i opened it as fast as i could and you would never believe what was in the package ! ORANGES ! straight from grandma sue's CALIFORNIA ORANGE TREE ! i just started screaming and laughing and s.black just laughed at me ! it was the BEST day ! THANK YOU SO MUCH MATT and GRANDMA SUE ! they are delicious ! i love you !

p.s. this transfer is coming to a close on 02.19.09 .. we have transfer calls this saturday 02.14.09 so by this weekend i will know if i am staying in the GB or if i have to leave .. i have been here almost 6 months and it has been the best time yet ! i am praying i STAY for at least 1 more b.c. i love my baby girl black and i love the people of GB and everything that has to do with GB ! we shall see !

his birthday is on 02.13 ! let me tell you a little story about my bffl .. we met when i was 16 and i started working at CHILIS BAR and GRILL .. i was a hostess, jose romo jr was a host and busser. we both attended MHS but he was a jr and i a sophomore. we became quick friends .. always getting into some kind of trouble at Chilis but luckily his dad ROMO SR was really tight with the managers so he took our write ups out of our files for us. months turned to years and next thing i knew i was moving to UTAH for college .. jose romo jr and i remained friends and when i came home for the summers our friendship grew to BEST FRIENDS ! jose romo jr is the kind of friend who flys up to Utah just so you have someone to drive home with. he also helps you move from apartment to apartment even when he doesnt live in that state. jose romo jr lives exactly 7 minutes in the daytime and 5 minutes in the night time from my house to his house in monrovia. .. fun fact ! when 2 sister missionaries for the "mormon" church knocked on his door summer 2007 he decided to listen. he called me and told me "my" friends showed up and he invited them in and wanted to know more. jose romo jr was baptized December 23, 2007 into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. i am on a mission now b.c. when i was able to be with jose romo jr as the sister missionaries in the california arcadia mission taught him, i knew i wanted EVERYONE to have this everlasting happiness. jose romo jr was the first person i was able to be with and help on his journey to the knowledge that the book of mormon is true. his favorite hymn when he joined the church was "choose the right" b.c. i use to sing it to him while we went from store to store to find FAKE TATTOOS ! jose romo jr wears a tshirt while he is now living in utah that says "my best friend for lyfe is in wisconsin". jose romo jr is an amazing example to me of faith, hope, charity, love and trust. thank you for being my best friend for ever jose romo jr and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

sister warner

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