February 16, 2009

leave your area stronger .. [02.16.09]

PMG [137] says :

"You are assigned to do the Lord's work in a specific area. He wants you to watch over your area with love and great care. DO ALL YOU CAN TO LEAVE YOUR AREA STRONGER THAN YOU FOUND IT."

on thursday 02.19 i have to say "see you later" [NOT GOODBYE] to my beloved areas of GREEN BAY and STURGEON BAY .. it feels just like yesterday that i came here and met the wonderful members and people of the GREEN BAY and STRUGEON BAY.

my hearts breaks as i have to leave this area and the people i have come to know so well. this has been my home away from home. it is AMAZING to see the GROWTH that has happened .. i feel content in the fact that i am leaving b.c. just like PMG says "DO ALL YOU CAN TO LEAVE YOUR AREA STRONGER THAN YOU FOUND IT" .. i feel that i have been effective in the GB and SB areas in helping that growth and strength. i LOVE these two areas with all my heart but i KNOW that papa barr is an inspired man and he has received revelation for me to go to a diff part of WISCONSIN b.c. i am also needed there.

BUT ..

as of now i am NOT sure where i am going ! we get that call tuesday night but the 2 open areas for sisters are




i know that whereve i go i will take with me ALL my heart, might, mind and strength !


so please send all your love and letters too :
[until i figure out where i am headed too]

sister melanie elizabeth warner
wisconsin milwaukee mission
5651 broad st. ste #1
greendale, wi 53129


so here is the story about the blessings overflowing the gates in the GB & SB :

yesterday .. sunday 02.15.09 was AMAZING !

we had .. FOUR .. UWGB students come to chruch .. 1 is a less active member and 2 students .. RACHEL and ERICKA we have met at Soup for the Soul and then there is AMY BROWN .. we had never met her before or seen her .. i greeted her when she came in and asked who she was and what brought her here .. she had talked to a missionary on mormon.org and he encouraged her to come to church .. she is very eager to learn and loved the sacrament meeting ! yesterday was just phenomenal !

when i got to the gb1st ward i couldnt hold in the news that i would be leaving this wonderful place .. i talked to bishop huzzey and told him the news and he just gave me a smile and said "that is unacceptable !" little did i know i should have never said anything .. he called me up to the stand to say a few words and bear my testimony. it was def a suprise and a blessing.

as i stood in front of the microphone, my heart burned as it was on fire. i had received another answer that bein a representative of Jesus Christ is what my Heavenly Father needs of me. to teach people that there is a living prophet on the earth today, that the gospel of Jesus Christ is restored in its fulness, that the book of mormon changes peoples lives, that this gospel is where everlasting happiness lies, these principles and many more are true. i KNOW they are. i have received many answers that these things are true. it is an amazing opprotunity that i am able to be a missionary and share this and challenge others to know for themselves.

this is WHY i am a missionary : 1 nephi 8:10-12

my life is amazing. thank you all for your support and love. it means the world to me.

our lesson with JEFF about the restoration last 02.09 was AMAZING. the spirit was incredible. there was a period of about 3 minutes of TOTAL SILENCE after we asked jeff a question. the spirit was SO strong and the silence was not awkward or unbearable. it was the spirit speaking to jeff and it was beautiful. at the end of the lesson he said to us "i cant come this far and not want to know more." it was amazing !

MORMON MYTHBUSTERS was AMAZING ! our panel was Bishop & Sister Huzzey, Brother Carlsruh, Sister Louthain, Jennifer Ribbens, Brandy and Megan - recent convert of 2 months [YSA's from Winnebago] and the missionaries ! about 40 students were there and the questions and answers were better then GREAT ! that eve we talked to ERIC [uwgb student] and he is def interested in wanting to know more !

UWGB is opening up like no other and it is amazing .. this gospel is true and the spirit is teaching them of its fulness and it is amazing to watch !
the next day @ UWGB was ORGSMORG ! we had a booth set up for LDSSA and the club went from 2 members to 24 ! THE LORD BLESSES US ! the club is all about service, fun and friends ! we met so many more college kids at the orgsmorg and it was amazing ! s.black and i love getting shoutouts from the students !

we went up to SB this week as well .. we had amazing lessons with CAREY OTTO and TOM KRUECK .. it is wonderful to see the spirit change their hearts and be more open and receptive to the message of the Restoration and the Savior.

we also went to see PRESIDENT ROBERTSON [sb branch president] in the SBHS musical ! he played a very good TIN MAN and the littlest Chole was in it with her 3 brothers and everytime she was on stage and saw us her face lit up ! she loves the sister missionaries ! the robertson fam also introduced us to a couple of their friends in the SB area !


lots of love in lovin the area and investigators and ward members !

the best love was from the RIBBENS FAMILY .. they got s.black and i both a single stem rose and chocolates ! now who does that ? i love the ribbens and i am very very sad i am leaving my jrib ! they are SO good to us !
we had a wonderful lesson with NESSA about lehis dream and the desirable fruit. she told us she KNOWS the book of mormon is true ! SARAH DEAN calls her every night and they read the book of mormon and pray together over the phone .. they are the cutest and the BEST at fellowshipping .. they had a little valentines party on 02.13 at the dean home and vanessa went with all the other 10-11 year olds in the ward to the party and we didnt even know about it ! it was amazing !
we also taught FARRAH that day at the hyden home about the restoration and the book of mormon. she came to church as well and loves the spirit she feels there .. she loves what she is learning and its amazing to see her grow !

we had valentines dinner at the COZZENS home with BETH HUNTLEY and the HUNTLEY KIDS ! we had such good converstations and we were each able to bear our testimony to her on how this gospel has changed our lives !

i could go on FOR DAYS about the work and the success and the growth but time is short and i have lots to do .. LIKE PACK !! aaahhhh

i am SO SO SO blessed and i feel my Heavenly Father and His Son's love for me stronger then ever. this gospel is true. i have no doubts.

i am so sad i have to leave my baby girl black after what only feels like a couple of weeks .. i know she will be in good hands and she is such an AMAZING MISSIONARY !

oh and btw/p.s. .. MY BIRTHDAY IS IN ONE MONTH FROM TODAY .. MARCH 16th .. everyone .. im just sayin baby, im just sayin ! i am NOT sure i want to say how old i will be b.c. being a "sister missionary" already comes with a few stereotypes like s.black pointed out to the elders yesterday .."i'm a sister missionary, all we do is cry, talk about our feelings and ask for blessings." haha its all a joke BUT the elders loved it !

i love you all.
sister warner

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