June 17, 2008

.. for those who know ..

6 junio [ viernes ]
" en camino to another cita, we came across a parrot in the street just walking around. my comp picked it up and put it on his shoulder. it is weird that the parrot would be in the street, and not inside the house, so he told me that since the owner wasn't taking good care of the parrot, it was his now. he decided to give it as a gift to the daughter of our pensionista .. its carla's cumpleaños today. so we just went ahead and walked a few more blocks to their house and just as he was trying to give her the parrot, some guy comes up and basically says : " uh señor, i'm gonna need that back " haha i couldn't stop laughing. melanie, i am so glad we don't have that striped sweater anymore. i am glad you wear my golfland hoodie instead. "

.. before ..

.. after ..

June 15, 2008

.. things i love ..

.. my mission call to milwaukee, wisconsin ..

.. spending mother's day weekend in nor*cal .. hearing elder thompson's voice ..

.. my art in the spring salon at the springville museum of art [mine is the one on the top !] ..

.. helping amy jo photograph weddings ..

.. receiving my endowment in the provo temple ..

.. manti temple with mother ..

graduation ..

four years later ! i have my degree ! bfa with an emphasis in photography !
i remember one night when i was a freshman, i was complaing about collge to my papa, he told me well it only gets harder from here ! i have to say he was right and wrong .. it def got harder but it was funner b.c. once i was in my major i loved college .. it was hard and very very time consuming but it was something i was so passionate about that i did not mind at all. needless to say .. i am so glad to be done BUT i am def missing school .. haha .. never thought i would say that but it is true. oh well .. i will have spiritual school in a couple months right ??
here are the highlights :