July 20, 2007

why do i love Harry so?

At the stroke of midnight i will be getting the seventh and final book. i am so excited and sad at the same time. what will happen? will it really be over? i wish i didn't have to work tomorrow. please don't die harry.

July 09, 2007

tomorrow is the night.

Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.

i am a little obsessed. i am flying to Monrovia so i can be with my sister and friends who are also obsessed. it will be a great day tomorrow.
did i mention i have a wand? i do.
dark cherry, 10 1/2 inches, unicorn hair.

July 07, 2007

the skydive.

it was amazing, you are really just falling out of the sky. i couldn't believe it, it was an amazing feeling. it was scary, intense and beautiful all at the same time. i really still cant believe i did it.

the jumpsuit was pretty awesome.

this technically isn't me but we will pretend. this is at least what we looked liked, falling out of the sky.

and then you land, i was fearing we would crash into the ground or something but we glided nice and slow.

this is my friend steve, he watched the fear in my eyes and laughed when the video guy asked me "any last words?" and i replied "i dont want to die." then me and my Tandem Master, Fish, fell out of the plane and into the sky. we free fell for about 50 seconds, that was intense, then Fish let me control the parachute, it was so good. i will do it again and maybe just maybe solo skydive. that will be the day.

June 29, 2007

i'm so going.

i am finally getting to SKYDIVE! i have been wanting to jump out of a plane since i was 14 years old. now 8 years later i will finally get to live my dream.
then why am i so scared?

this will be me tomorrow morning, hopefully i am smiling and not screaming and crying all the way down. wish me luck.

June 19, 2007


...this is where i am going to spend my day tomorrow...

...Huntington Beach...The Ocean...The Sand...The Bonfires...

June 13, 2007

Salt Lake City is a good place

to find my favorite Temple Square sister missionary...Sister Vaughan

and to get my hair done by the beautiful and talented...Jessica Tippets

thank you salt lake city.

June 02, 2007

Naomi Uakini Memmott

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY! my little omi has grown up to be such a beautiful little girl. oh how she has grown. i remember when she was a little 2 month old and i would sit there and try to rock her to sleep. sometimes she'll still crawl up into my lap and want me to hold her like a "baby". time certainly has gone by so fast.


my spring class ends this monday and then i will have the rest of the summer to play, work and play some more!
this work isn't from my spring class but from my Alternative II class this winter semester. it took me the whole semester to get my images to look right and to actually stay on the glass, when the image started appearing in the developer and i noticed it wasn't fringing off i danced in the darkroom. it was a happy moment.

... 20" x 20" glass ... 24" x 6" plywood ... double exposed Holga negs ...

... Heather Kathleen ...

... Laura Anna-Marie ...

May 31, 2007

a hard days work

waking up at 5:30am isn't fun. i should be in bed right now so i can actually wake up and be on time to fix all those many alarms across the U.S.
"thank you for calling apx alarm tech support"(imagine me sleeping in one of these many cubicles and thats my day tomorrow!)

May 28, 2007

Duffy & Tessa Olson

my beautiful and amazing roommate from spring '06, Tessa, got married to Duffy (he's pretty amazing too) this Saturday May 26th!
everything was so wonderful! Congratulations and i love you both!

(Mt. Timpanogos Temple is beautiful)

(the back of Tessa's dress is beautiful)

(the backyard reception was beautiful)

(the bride & groom are beautiful)

(Tessa is beautiful)

Did i mention Saturday was beautiful?

welcome, welcome

so after much questioning and no good answers as to why i don't have a blog...here it is!
i think it was the fact that my sister Heather started blogging that really got me thinking, "if she can do, then i can do it."
thank you Heather and to all those that questioned, heres your answers.