July 07, 2007

the skydive.

it was amazing, you are really just falling out of the sky. i couldn't believe it, it was an amazing feeling. it was scary, intense and beautiful all at the same time. i really still cant believe i did it.

the jumpsuit was pretty awesome.

this technically isn't me but we will pretend. this is at least what we looked liked, falling out of the sky.

and then you land, i was fearing we would crash into the ground or something but we glided nice and slow.

this is my friend steve, he watched the fear in my eyes and laughed when the video guy asked me "any last words?" and i replied "i dont want to die." then me and my Tandem Master, Fish, fell out of the plane and into the sky. we free fell for about 50 seconds, that was intense, then Fish let me control the parachute, it was so good. i will do it again and maybe just maybe solo skydive. that will be the day.

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  1. You are a brave girl. Im so proud of you though. Okay so for my 24th we are going sky diving