June 29, 2007

i'm so going.

i am finally getting to SKYDIVE! i have been wanting to jump out of a plane since i was 14 years old. now 8 years later i will finally get to live my dream.
then why am i so scared?

this will be me tomorrow morning, hopefully i am smiling and not screaming and crying all the way down. wish me luck.


  1. It was good to hear your voice, knowing that you landed safely, had i know you were doing this before you did it i would have worried all day about you. Im glad that you had fun. I want to go when michael and i come up for conference

  2. Whoa - sounds way scary to me!! I have enough dreams where I'm falling - so I don't need to sky dive.

    But just think, in ten years when there's some activity where they say, tell something about you that no one knows - and no one will guess yours!

    (You know the game I mean!!)