August 30, 2010

what i do.

i have a job!
it is a blessing.
i have been working now for 2 months.
serious blessing.

i had been home from the WMM for about 4 months when this prize came along.

the first interview i had after being home was for a company in Pasadena.
the day i found out that the position i applied for had been filled i came across my now job.
gotta love craigslist.

all i read was ..
studio manager. local photography studio.
local = arcadia. check. photography. def check.

i applied. out of 200 resumes mine got in the top ten.
thank goodness.
i went for an interview and i was the youngest who had applied.
luckily the owner had some background with MORMONS so my mission was understood.

he called me a few days later and i got the job!

funniest part about this is ..

i am the Studio Manager for ..
where i took my MHS Senior Portraits!
this is circa 2003.
my hannah hamill is the one who even told me about this lovely place!

so i manage myself. and ray. the owner/photographer.
when in reality he manages me.
but i take care of everything that goes on for the studio.
i love it.
i love cameras. i love high school seniors. i love eagle scouts.
i love it all.

and the biggest plus is ..

i get to ride this beauty every morning!

my sweet Electra Gypsy Beach Cruiser.
best part about this bike is that my uncles neighbor sold it to me for 50$.
its in stores for 600$.

bike basket to come this week!
just wait.

i also really LOVE listening to death cab on my ride in the am and pm
it just puts me in a chill mood.
its the best bike ride music.

summer skin.

i usually listen to it on repeat 3 - 5 times both there and back.
its the best.
summer 2010.

job. bike. death cab.
good weather. most of the time anyways.
life is good.


  1. may i please have a copy of THAT picture.