May 03, 2012

raspberry oatmeal cookie bars

jacob & i were assigned to the treats for Barlow FHE a couple Mondays ago and i wanted to make something fruity.
i got this app [for android] and found this recipe on there >>> all recipes 
it was delicious!

the recipe you can find online here >>> Raspberry Oatmeal Cookie Bars

i doubled the recipe for the FHE and i also added cinnamon to the oatmeal mixture.
and i added cream cheese to the top!
i found those little additions in the reviews part.

pre baked cookie bars!
i just randomly dolloped [is that even a word?] the cream cheese everywhere. 
[it is, just looked it up in the dictionary.]

baked raspberry oatmeal cookie bars!
and you can try it with any fruit you'd like. so yum!

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