May 10, 2012

have you heard of Portal?!

"Fast thing goes in fast thing comes out." - GLaDOS

i would not call myself a video game player in the least.
ask my sisters. then ask my husband. 


mr. barlow would call himself a video game man.
he teaches all about the types of games, the different systems and how to use a controller.
AND i didnt ever know a video game had a story. they do. its cool.

my little sister in law hannah was trying to get us to play Portal with her right after our wedding but i sadly turned her down.
mr. barlow cannot pass up a deal and he got Portal 1 & 2 for like $10!
a steal one would say.
it is the funnest and funniest game!
i am kinda obsessed.
and this come from the girl that doesnt play video games.


  1. Kyle tried to get me to play this once and I did it for about 5 seconds.

  2. try it again veron! it is a little nerdy but we could all use a little bit of that right?!

  3. My husband is OBSESSED with portal. At least it's not World of Warcraft.

  4. it is so funny to me! and i didnt know so many husbands liked the game. you are right at least it is not that.