May 03, 2012

southwest pasta salad

pammy jo black, her sister brittany and mama black came over a couple sundays ago for a 
little meet mr. barlow/catch up/goodbye lunch before pammy jo went to Jerusalem for the summer. 

i wanted to make something that could be made the night before since we had our lunch date right after church.
it turned out awesome and it could totally be a side dish to a party or a main lunch dish.

i found the recipe here >>> Southwest Pasta Salad

some things i changed were using red and green bell peppers and i forgot the chives!
i also added little cubes of pepper jack cheese.
and there is chicken in mine as well!
i just grilled some chicken breast with spices and shredded it.

i didnt use the dressing from this specific recipe because i didnt have the ingredients.
and i wanted a creamy dressing so i thought, "hey the cafe rio one would be good!"

so this is the dressing i made for the pasta salad >>> Creamy Lime-Cilantro Dressing
i googled a lot of the knock off recipes and i decided to go with this one bc i have no idea what a tomatillo is! 
[this sauce is also so yum on tacos!]
we all really liked it! i had it for lunch again the next day and it was still so good.

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