June 21, 2010

i'm from L.A.

L.A. style
i'm not the craziest Laker fan but i do love me some Derek Fisher.
also i just really LOVE the city of angels.
live it up. right?!
so we decided to go to the ..
today. it was great fun by all.
i love how spirited L.A. is.
seriously. we got some pride!

[we took the metro gold line to get to the action!]

[crazy town in L.A.]

[Kobe. the main man. not for everyone! but hey its how it goes.]

[we are from L.A.]

[and WE WIN!]

thank you L.A. for providing such good times.


  1. omg! why do i never look at your blog? amazing! love you.

  2. so i love you, but i'm sooooo sick of the lakers.

  3. I;m not sick of the Lakers per se, just sick of the hype. And the destruction.

    At least we had some sensible people representing us too - as in "youse guys" as Archie Bunker would say.

    Also, couldn't they just have chosen something easier on the eyes than purple and gold??