November 25, 2010

full of thanksgiving

i am thankful for hundreds of things.

we will go with the top 5 for now ..

*my family
all of them .. everywhere!

*the restored gospel of jesus christ / the wmm
check it out >>> here!

*my friends
i am blessed to be surrounded by strength and encouragement daily.

*my job .. belle n' beau photography
it came at the perfect time and is just what i need!

the hard times make the good times so much sweeter and we become stronger individuals.

i am truly grateful for the little pieces of life that happen around me daily.

the way the sun hits my face.
the wind as it goes through my hair.
the song of a bird through my window.

my mom telling me to have a good day every morning.
hearing my sisters voices and laughing with each other.
daily texting with catherine n. card.

like i said there are SO many things we have to be thankful for!


enjoy family, friends and feasting.
i know i am!

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