November 16, 2010

marmie love ..

Terri Lynn [Alley] Warner

Happy 59th Day of Birth!

isnt it cute that my dad & marmies birthday is exactly a week apart?!
i kinda love it. 
a lot.

my marmie is all kinds of amazing.
let me tell you.

she is oh so beautiful.
inside & out.

she is the BEST cook.

she goes above and beyond the call of duty.

she is wise. oh so wise.

she is silly and makes everyone smile.

she tells the best stories.

she teaches about life and how to continually move forward.

this photo makes me laugh. 
my aunt has a huge band aid on her forehead.
pretty sure my mom said it was her fault!

my marmie has excellent taste in clothes and hairstyles.

she also has excellent dance skills.

classic marmie with the handkerchief on her head!

this woman raised us 3 warner girls all on her own.
she is our dad & mom.
she is pretty dang good at it.

she taught us how to cook over the phone.
she would feed the masses of young men who came over to our house for games.

she taught me it was ok to be me.
she taught me to do what is right.

 she supported me.
in high school by coming to watch me play polo and swim.
she helped me move my life to utah to start college.
she made it possible for me to serve my mission.
she helps me to continue to be me everyday.

this woman has and continues to change my life.
i am my mothers daughter.
i love it.

happiest day to you today and every day.

i love getting to spend my days with you and talk every night and morning.
its finally the littlest ones turn for alone time at home with the marmie! 

you are beyond amazing.

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  1. I love your Marmie simply by knowing you. I have no doubt that she's amazing....and now I want to watch Little Women.