December 15, 2010

thursday is the best day of this week ..

why you ask?
there are many reasons 12.16.10 is marked in many red circles on my calendar.

it is the start of reunions / celebrations / love all around.

let me show you ..

#1. Laura & Alex

they are flying in the eve of the 16th.
welcome back to LA.
i have missed my big sister oh so much.

we will talk. cuddle. eat. shop. laugh.
and so much more.
i will be waiting for you at the airport ready for a big squeeze! 

#2. Jacob Barlow

this guy is driving in on the 16th.
luckily he has his sister kim for company this time.

i really like when he is in california.

#3. Robbie & Hannah Hamill

i havent been in the Hamill presence for over 2 YEARS.
that is just TOO long.

they fly in on the 24th and you can bet i will be right at the Terrill home that afternoon for a long overdue hug and reunion!

#4. Braden & Heather Hatch

my H&B.
they are driving in from the AZ on Christmas Eve.
this makes my heart SO happy.

the little puppy will sadly not be accompanying them on this road trip.
maybe another time.  

#5. Warner Christmas 2010

this was my LAST Christmas at home before my mission.

2 years away from my family at Christmas time has been hard but so wonderful at the same time.

instead of calling and hearing their voices like the past 2 Christmas' the Warners will all be TOGETHER!

this is what Christmas is all about.
being together.
celebrating the Savior Jesus Christ.

i love this time of year.
i am so grateful my mission helped me realize how precious this season really is.

i am SO excited my family will ALL BE together.
i cant say it enough.

these next weeks of family & friends is gonna be the best.


  1. how is it possible that i have such large gums? i was just excited to be at the beach!

  2. yay. i love family. and sweet boys.

  3. i share in your excitement!!