December 04, 2010

lovin on my 9a-6p ..

i am the office manager for Belle n' Beau Photography ..

and i love it.

i do all sorts of office work.
i design wedding albums.
i critique rays photos and editing.
i help clients make their final and important decision on which image should be there 30x40 over their fireplace.

its a big deal.

i smile as i get to know families.
see how much their babies grow every 3, 6, 9, 12 months they come in!
talk with high school seniors about college.

that takes me to this fine eve ..
Belle n' Beau Photography is contracted to Alverno High School.
it is a private Catholic all girls school in Sierra Madre.

Ray photographs the seniors, sporting events, masses & their dances.

Winter Formal 2010
"Merry Masquerade"

this was the theme we had to work with.
Ray put me in charge of the backdrop.

here it is.
i really love it. 

i even sewed the burgundy fabric backdrop.
i need some major sewing lessons btw.

needless to say it was a fun week in the office.
stress of making these masks.
putting together holiday orders that every client wants right now!
ordering. ordering. ordering.

also there was lizard in my office today!
i put it under a cup and left a note for Ray to deal with it when he got back.

tonight turned out awesome.
i loved that the seniors came up to me just to say hello and chat.
it was a good time all around.
i love my job.

AND ..

on a completely unrelated sidenote ..

 cat and i were discussing fb.

yes. yes. yes.
you all know cat and i love our little fb banter 

BUT ..
this is on my mind and just has to be said.

cat said it first and i was oh so glad.
we exchanged some texts about it.

here is my rant.
disagree with me. hate me. or like me.
like me is the best option.
anyways this is just my opinion.
and my blog.


1. its fb.

2. if you really want to do something go help out at a womans shelter. or volunteer as a guardian ad litem. dont just change your fb profile pic.

3. when this fb photo changes the status reads something as follows .. "Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood, to raise awareness for ending violence against children. Until Monday, Dec 6th of 2010, there should be no human faces onfacebook, but an invasion of memories! *JOIN THE FIGHT AGAINST VIOLENCEON CHILDREN!*" the part that gets me is this is against child abuse. children who are abused usually DO NOT have any good childhood memories. just think about that for a moment. and then tell me WHY you would put up a childhood cartoon to help fight child abuse.

so that is my rant. 
there may be more but we will stick to those 3 points.

if we really want to do something more to evoke change we must get of fb and actually  DO something about it.

the end.


  1. i completely agree on the cartoon thing. the first time i saw that was a few weeks before it started getting big, but there was nothing about child abuse with the status. but amen mel love!

  2. I'm so with you on this one! I was just on fb thinking the same thing! There was a post from someone that said something like, "I'm still seeing too many faces! Come on everyone, this is to help abused children!" Really? Like you said, get out and do something. Love you Momo :)

  3. Baby sister. You know better than anyone that I agree with you. I just love my ponies. I did apply to be a guardian ad litem, I turned my application in two weeks ago. So I am doing what I can do to help kids like us have a better life. I love you baby sister.

  4. <3 you girl, and your alverno winter formal pic

  5. YES. THIS is why we are friends. We understand and agree with each other. stupid Facebook :) Love you!