December 05, 2010

9 .. 9 .. 9 ..

imma counter.
imma date rememberer.
imma nostalgic.

today marks another month of being home from the wmm.
"on my mission .."
i am officially dubbed that person. i love it.
thank you mama hood!

but seriously.
i LOVE remembering things.

9 months in sister missionary time is kinda a BIG deal.
it is the HALF WAY MARK.
it begins the down slope on your time left as a missionary.

its a sad time.
you have less days than more.
time starts going double fast.

this was taken the morning of my 9 months.
it was nina bentlys birthday.
we were invited to the birthday breakfast tradition of their chocolate chip zucchini cake and morning scripture reading.
the older girls worked at culvers.
our fav.
they gifted US that day with a scoopie soccer ball.
love the bentlys.

this also marked the ending of my first transfer of training this little girl.
[sister] virgina may "little j" johnson
she is a gem.
luckly we got to stay together for 2 more transfers AFTER this photo was taken.
a total of 4.5 months of complete lovin and hard workin!


back to the present .. 
9 months being home has felt awful fast as well.
where has the time really gone?

a 9a - 6p job.
evenings with Marmie.
best friend time with MelCat.
the gospel of jesus christ and g7.

good things right?

this weekend i had a special little blessing!

this little girl came to LA!
well Anaheim. same thing. almost. 
she came to Disneyland for the weekend with her sister and bro in law.

yes i was chubby on my mission.
too much culvers!

i am a lucky girl.
i spent my 9 month mark at home with the same person i spent my 9 month mark with in the wmm!

her family let me use her sisters ticket to get in D-Land for some time with her!
we watched World of Color ..
while i stood playing with her hair we reminisced of our beloved Wiscons.

we talked about what we were doing last year.
we both had this look in our eyes that we completely understood each other and where our hearts would rather be.

BUT ..
at the same time there was an overwhelming peace to both of us about being home. 
her holding her sleeping nephew.
me playing with her hair.
 standing there watching the better than Bellagio water show.
being the best of friends always.

life is good.

some things i know ..

i see blessings every single day because of my mission.
i understand more completely eternal families and my family means everything to me.
being home with them, talking to them everyday means the world to me.

imma continue to remember everything.
it makes me smile.


  1. you spent time with the same person at both your 9 month mark. BLESSINGS!!! fate. amazing. love you!

  2. I KNOW.
    it was a tender mercy of the Lord!