August 13, 2011

remember the time ..

imma take a walk down memory lane for the sake of how august 13th, 2008 changed my life!
[remember the time dedicated to jose romo jr.]

remember the time i reported to the MTC 3 years ago ..

remember the time my family supported me in love & letters ..
remember the time tears were shed as we said our see you in 1.5 years ..

remember the time i walked through that door, lost it and cried like a baby ..

remember the time Marmie put my tag on me for the very first time ..

remember the time i officially was sister warner ..

remember the time i had my first ever companion ..
my sweet song bird sister blickfeldt.

remember the time i finally realized where Wisconsin was and that it WAS really far from LA ..

remember the time sundays meant exchanges with sister fox so we could eat dinner instead of going to choir ..

remember the time i flew to Wisconsin with 6 Elders and i was oh so nervous ..
remember the time Wisconsin changed my life forever!

remember how everything points back to Wisconsin?

remember how i am getting married to mr. barlow in 2.5 months!
and lets also remember the time i came home to LA and caved and am now back to platinum blonde?! 

[btw more engagements to come from marcello the great sometime soon!]


  1. melanie how do you get your pictures so big on here?!
    p.s. i think that long red skirt looks real cute on you

  2. why thank you! there are options for what size you want them to be when you are arranging them in your post.