January 12, 2009

this is the news [11.19.08]

i got a call from President Barrett today and he asked if i could do him a favor .. of course ANYTHING for papa barr !

well he asked me to TRAIN a brand new missionary !

AAHHH .. i am nervous and feel a bit overwhelmed .. i am still brand new but he said he has faith in me ! haha there are 2 sisters coming out this coming tuesday and me and sister hood get to go to MILWAUKEE on monday night and then we will visit all her old people in that area [milwaukee was her 1st area] and on wednesday is TRAINERS TRAINING and i will meet my baby girl and then drive up to GREEN BAY with her wednesday night and then on THANKSGIVING will be her 1st full day in the field with ME !

i am excited because ..
1. i get to stay in GREEN BAY
2. it will be fun ?!
i hope .. i am so nervous but i know the Lord is on my side !so the other funny thing about missions is there is "mission lingo" and here it is :trainer = mothertrainee = baby girlso sister hood is my mama and i am here bebe and now i am going to be a mother and have a baby girl ! so crazy ! also your last companion your with "kills" you so i am "killing" sister hood ! and usually your 2nd companion is your "buster" and i am not getting BUSTED b.c. i am TRAINING !its all so crazy and exciting !

i LOVE the WMM and even more i just love being a missionary ! i know this is where i am supposed to be even if its already 25 degrees in the day time :)

I LOVE YOU ALL ! i'm gonna need ALL your prayers for this new part of my mission ..

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