January 12, 2009

the week .. [10.28.08]

We are SO busy .. we didn’t really take pday yesterday so that’s why NO email ! sorry BUT here is the update in the WMM [Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission]

*its COLD .. its COLD like you never felt .. bone chilling .. remember how i LOVE layers .. it’s a good thing b.c. its coming in handy .. just the skirt part of things .. NO FUN !
*happy birthday to DAD THOMPSON on November 1st [aka larry thompson .. aka aarons dad !]
*Wisconsinites use yet for still .. i.e. “i’m young yet” = i’m still young .. funny

today we helped the ZL’s clean out a missionary apartment in green bay b.c. they closed that part .. it was insane .. we cleaned SO much BUT it was fun b.c. we had a lot of help and a feast of a lunch from selling the old weights in the apartment to play it again sports ! also the elders ALMOST broke their backs carring a HUGE couch up to s’hood and I’s apartment .. did I ever mention we are on the THIRD FLORR ! they are great elders .. so helpful !Halloween is the

mission wide deep cleaning day of all our apartments .. should be fun !
work on UWGB is going SO good .. we are teaching LAUREN WARNKE and she is just so awesome .. we met her at the E.C. and we taught her the first lesson last Tuesday and she was really involved .. she wanted to hang out with me and s’ hood so we went to lunch with her last Friday and to a couple thrift shops here in GB and we talked about the church and she had really good questions .. you could tell she had been researching things about the church .. we are meeting her tonight as well at the E.C. !
CORRY is wonderful still .. we had another amazing lesson with her on baptism .. we challenged her to November 1st but she is not sure .. she tells everyone she is already mormon BUT she is scared of what her family will think .. we are hoping for next Saturday November 8th .. pray for her !
we love the HUNTLEYS ! we had dinner with them again and spoke on the mormon church .. they came to trunk or treat and it was really good .. we left them with a chapter to read in the bofm so we could have a better discussion next time .. scott [the dad] is still struggling with the fact the Jesus Christ is the only way ..
we have the Spanish Elders now working with the TRUJILLO FAMILY .. the funny story on that is they use to live in Racine and Waukesha and missionaries found and taught them there and now we found them again in GB .. they came to trunk or treat and actually knew a member of the Spanish Brach .. Maria [the mom] told this member family she thinks she should just be a mormon b.c. they keep finding her whereve they go ! SO CRAZY and COOL !
we also were able to teach IRIS [mom] and FHERAH[daughter] about the gospel last night .. iris is from PERU [i told her where you were aaron but she did not know !] they are so great ! iris is dating a member of the GB 2nd ward !
we talked to the youth A LOT this weekend at their youth leadership training and for a Sunday Evening Discussion .. we talked on preach my gospel and how to share the gospel .. the youth are so dedicated around here .. its and amazing example to me !
trunk or treat was an AMAZING success .. so many investigators came and less active families ! it was combined with GB 1st, GB 2nd and the Spanish Branch .. and of course the missionaries were the chili cook-off judges and the best trunk judges ! SO FUN ! we have 5 sets of missionaries just in those 3 wards and it is SO FUN ! they are all great !
i have a lot of thoughts on faith this week .. I will write more about it next week b.c. time is UP ! know you are all in my thoughts and thank you for your support and love !
i LOVE the WMM .. i LOVE being a missionary .. i LOVE serving my Father in Heaven .. it truly is the best blessing and opportunity I have ever received .. I LOVE YOU ALL.

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