January 12, 2009

the mission life .. [10.13.08]

Doctrine & Covenants 19:23
“Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me.”

I love being a missionary and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints .. I have found this scripture so comforting in the last couple days .. Our Heavenly Father really is aware of all of us, individually, it is so amazing .. there is peace in Him, I know because I have found it and continue to.

We rode on a bus to the Chicago Temple on Saturday .. the sun was rising over the green hills and there was a mist of fog floating above the grass .. it was beyond beautiful .. everyday I am amazed at the beauty of Wisconsin .. I love it !

Being at the Chicago Temple was so amazing .. I am so grateful our dear President Barrett lets us go !

I’ve only driven through Milwaukee but it looks so down .. maybe I’ll serve there one day !

I’ve lasted ONE WHOLE transfer ! haha s’hood and I are staying together here in Green Bay [another 6weeks & then she goes home & we will see what happens to me ! ] so in case you forgot here is where to write me:

Sister Melanie Elizabeth Warner
2970 Mossy Oak Circle #85
Green Bay, WI 54311

One of our zone leaders, elder hawkes left us ! he is going down to Milwaukee to be one of the new AP’s [assistants to the president] ! he is such a good missionary .. we are sad for him to go but we know he is def up to the job for Papa Barr ! also sad was that the zl’s car got broken into Friday night and their gps systems and cameras were stolen .. me and s’ hood felt so bad and because e’ hawkes left we treated them to lunch on Saturday !!!

S’ hood and I seem to be driving a lot lately .. going up to our other area .. Sturgeon Bay .. when we drive we tend to just hold hands and admire the beauty of Door County .. what can I say, we love each other !

If I didn’t say earlier .. s’hood is from West Jordon, Utah and she goes home November 28th .. she has been the best trainer/comp ever ! I have learned so much about being a missionary and how to be effective and love every moment. While holding hands on the bus to Chicago she said “I think we are like sisters” and I said “I know we are like sisters!” haha you will all love her ! she is an amazing teacher and I’ve learned so much, all I can say is Papa Barr is truly and inspired man !

Heres the news in Green Bay :

Corry [Corrine Grace Schrap] set a baptismal date !!! right now its January 4, 2009 ! we are so excited ! she is also going to apply to BYUI and has found that school to have everything she has wanted in a college ! Friday night she came on exchanges with me and a member to do a service project at Lambeau field [we face painted the kids of Packers players .. SO FUN .. I face painted Brady Papinga’s little kids !] while we were face painting I asked her how she is with her decision to be baptized and she said “I know its true, I’ve never been happier and everything is working out and it all just makes sense !” its beyond amazing to have someone find that for themselves, she is wonderful .. she even made s’hood and I pies !

We are making progress on UWGB and at the Ecumenical Center !

We found Lauren or I should say the elders found Lauren .. they are doing the flirting [joking] and we are doing the converting ! she came to the institute class for a bit and we talked afterward .. she is looking for a foundation she said .. well we got the most solid foundation ever ! she is going to come to church next week !

Our Ward Mission Leader [wml] .. the Robertsons .. are amazing ! he helps us so much with missionary work and gets the ward so excited about it ! and of course his family is just so cute and all together amazing ! he introduced us to his neighbor .. the Trujillos .. the mom only speaks Spanish, the dad is bilingual and so are his 3 daughters [14yr, and 12yr twins!] they are wonderful .. really open and inviting ! it will be great .. mi español capacidades son muy poco.
We are teaching and finding and loving every minute ! being a missionary really is an amzing opportunity and I feel so blessed .. I love my life ! thank you for all the support and love !

BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUTS :[all are on October 15th too !]


my papa .. monte


the jarhead [aka jared thompson !]

love to you all !

s’ warner

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