January 26, 2009

let the good times roll .. [01.26.09]

there is never a dull moment in the WMM .. i LOVE it.

not having pday last monday kinda threw me off .. i think i am on track now. kthxs. here we go.

Mosiah 3:18-19
"For behold he judgeth, and his judgment is just; and the infant perisheth not that dieth in his infancy; but men drink damnation to their own souls except they humble themselves and become as little children, and believe that salvation was, and is, and is to come, in and through the atoning blood of Christ, the Lord Omnipotent.
For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father."

this is our transfer scripture that we have been memorizing and our ZC was based on this scripture. s.black and i have it memorized now so that is good. my mind has been turning to this scripture a lot this past week. i feel as a missionary it is A LOT EASIER to put off the natural man and be as a little child .. relying on the Lord in EVERYTHING. but i [and all of us] need to do that ALL the time and that is MY goal .. no matter when, where, and what i am doing in my life i am going to strive with everything i can to always put off the natural man and be as a little child. it has given me a lot to think about in my life as a missionary and for my future.

we had a bible study lunch hosted by our favorite LISA ROBERTSON this week. we taught on our purpose in this life. PAULA came and was able to feel of the spirit and we had a wonderful discussion with her about this life. she is searching for something more but it is hard for her to recognize that what she needs/wants is right there in front of her. i love being able to talk about gospel principles, not only with members of other faiths but with members of our faith as well, it strengthens my testimony of the gospel and the things i do know are true. Lisa has strengthened my testimony of the gospel in so many ways, i am so grateful for her example in my life.

our DM [district meeting] was a little diff this week .. we had it while President Barrett was in our area doing interviews. e.olsen is our new DL and he is great. he is a Spanish elder and we work with them a lot so that is fun. he taught us this week about La Fe = faith. faith in the atonement, faith in Jesus Christ, faith in being instruments in the Lords work, faith in everything ! it was really good.

our interviews with PAPA BARR came after DM .. President B always gives me a renewed strength in the work. he is SO smart and the spirit of the Lord is ALWAYS abounding in him. after interviews he was going to go to appts with the Spanish elders and then also us sisters. we had about and hour till our appts so our dearest Pres B took s.black and i out to dinner. we have a fav place here in the GB called EL SARAPE. best Mexican food in the GB .. so that is where we went. Papa Barr is the sweetest man and opened both s.blacks and my doors for us to the car and we had a wonderful meal and conversation with him. he talked with us about this great work and how to work with members and having them share this life changing message with their friends. he said, "everyone is going to hear the gospel at one point in there life, so NOW IS THE TIME !" and that is SO true. we know that everyone will have the opportunity to hear of the fullness of the gospel BUT now REALLY is the time ! that evening Pres B came to the SPRY's home with us .. our appt was @ 8:30p and we did not leave the sweet Spry home till 11:15p ! haha Pres B said as we were leaving that he was going to tell our Mission President on us ! i love that man ! he also said one day he will give us sisters a daddy/daughter hug ! having him teach with us at the Spry home was very good. it was amazing to see the Spirit work through him and touch Ron and Pat. Ron is a bit of a stubborn man but he thanked us for everything we were trying to do for him to help him. it was an amazing lesson, not only for me, but for the Sprys ! i also told Papa Barr it was nice to get to steal him away from the Elders for awhile !

the YW in the GB 1st ward are amazing ! FARRAH [IRIS' daughter] came to YW/YM and she had so much fun ! we are seeing her tonight with her mom, IRIS @ noche de hogar [FHE] with the Spanish elders. the Spanish elders are teaching Iris and we are teaching Farrah .. its not that Farrah doesn't understand Spanish, she just prefers English and being in the English branch ! they are an amazing family !

on 01.22.09 @ 7am s.black, me, e.jolley, and e.oldham went back to HIGH SCHOOL ! haha we went to BAY PORT HIGH SCHOOL and helped BRANDON ROBERTSON [one of our stalwart YM missionaries] with his report on MORMONS for his multicultural lit class. his friend Chris was the one who had the idea and wanted to do Mormons as the subject. so us 4 missionaries went to high school for a blast from the past [at least for me b.c. i am SO old !] it was SO good. s.black and i taught about the Restoration and The Book of Mormon and e.jolley and e.oldham taught about missionaries and what we do. Brandon and Christ talked about interesting Mormon facts and Temples. we brought a bunch of copies of The Book of Mormon and Restoration Pamphlets and Brandon told us later that the kids actually took them ! what a great example and missionary Brandon is. he is a stud ! we also got to see CORRY that morning .. Brandon found her and told her we would be there and we wanted to say hi so we got to !

the MILLERS are great. they are members of the gb 1st ward and have the CUTEST IDENTICAL TWINS ive ever seen in my life .. KADE and KY are the funnest, they are 3years old and full of energy. we had dinner there this week and both Kade and Ky kept asking for me ! at dinner they would say, "we want to play with sister warner !" so we did ! they wanted me to help them get all cleaned up after dinner and we played a little football in the living room. Ashli is so great, she is in the YW as her calling so we get to work with her a lot .. they are gonna be perfect friends with the STRUCKS from Sturgeon Bay .. in fact they are having a play date later this week !

UWGB has OFFICIALLY started back. its nice to see people on campus again ! tomorrow starts Soup4Soul and we get to be back in action with the college crowd. INSTITUTE starts tomorrow night and we are gonna get people there ! we are doing MORMON MYTHBUSTERS this semester b.c. it got cancelled due to weather last .. its gonna happen on FEBRUARY 10th .. i am SO excited ! the LDS Church is also sponsoring Soup4Soul this semester on March 3rd ! so MUCH is happening and gonna happen !

this is the BEST news of the week. RICK ALCORTA joined the church 10years ago in the navy .. he just recently started coming back to church about 4months ago .. he had the elders start teaching his 10year old daughter VANESSA .. she has no knowledge of God, Jesus Christ or religion in general. they have made some breakthroughs with her .. they taught her to pray and have had amazing spiritual experiences. i have always asked about Vanessa b.c. she is exactly the same age when elders started teaching me about the gospel. so i have always been interested in her progression and really i have wanted to teach her and get to know her better .. well the Lord blesses us ! the elders turned sweet Vanessa over to us b.c. of being sisters and she is already really intimidated by her father so imagine a little 10year old with her father and 2 elders teaching her .. a little overwhelming .. SO we prepared a really fun object lesson for her on 01.23.09 and it went AMAZING ! it was about the Plan of Salvation and mostly about our time on earth and the Holy Ghost to lead us and guide us .. she understood it and was more open and comfortable ! i am so grateful i have this opportunity to teach Vanessa with s.black .. the connection we have made with her is incredible .. we played a game with her and the Robertson girls after and were able to bond with her .. she ran up to us and gave us hugs before we left ! i love being a missionary.

on 01.24.09 we had a craft day with MOLLY SUMMERS [YW President], and JRIB and JEANNIE RIBBENS ! it was so fun .. we made button magnets and embroider sweaters .. i made prob around 40 button magnets ! i love it. i love crafts !

we had a FUN FUN FUN game night that eve @ the YOUNGS home. we had SO many people come. CORRY, BRANDON ROBERTSON, HEATHER MILLETT, JEFF [heather milletts really good friend], DIANTHA ANDRUS, ERIC TORBENSON, YASMIN, & MIKEY [yasmins bf] .. we had a full house ! we played taboo and then we talked a little about how to be happy in this life .. please read MOSIAH 2:41 for instructions ! that is my homework to you all :)

we had Ward Conference yesterday and that was amazing ! Sunday is so uplifting .. being able to partake of the sacrament and renew our baptismal convenants is such a blessing.

this week is gonna be another fun one ! we are still living in the FROZEN COLD ARTIC TUNDRA .. i had a dream the other night that Green Bay was GREEN AGAIN .. i woke up and it was DEF STILL WHITE. someday i will be warm. someday i will see the grass. for now i will be happy the sun is at least shining !

this is PROB the most important part of this email :


[todd is president barretts 18year old son, with the help of the assistants they have given us these 3 rules of life, live by them !]

sister warner

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