January 12, 2009

green bay is getting chilly ! [09.29.08]

Jacob 2:8
“and it supposeth me that they have come up hither to hear the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul.”

something i have realized more then ever while being a missionary is those we find, teach and visit with are on a quest, whether they see it as that or not, they are searching for something that can heal their soul. as missionaries and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we have the opportunity to share the pleasing word of God which heals the wounded soul.i know the gospel of Jesus Christ heals, i know i can get on my knees and ask my Father in Heaven to help me find peace, i know i can turn to the scriptures, any of the standard works, and there find answers. i know turning to God and His words helped me find the greatest happiness in my life. i am even more grateful that I have this time here in Wisconsin to help those who are searching find those truths for themselves. i am grateful i can personally testify to those we find and teach how i have been healed and i am grateful that the Holy Ghost bears that testimony to them.

we found this women, Shelly [41yrs], she has 8 kids and her husband is a truck driver, her children range from 22 – 1 year old .. she had her hands full ! Trevor [18yr] has a really high functioning form or Autism; Michael [4yr] has severe Autism and some other medical complications. Shelly told us she has been praying for help for peace, for answers. we knocked on her door b.c. we thought it was the house of paula bapp – a media referral – but it was Shelly who had been praying for answers. we asked her to come to church and there she would find peace .. she did and she loved it ! we have a couple women in the ward who are trained to help kids with Autism so they helped while she listened .. we are going to start teaching her this week the lessons and we are so excited ! you can see in her she is such a strong women and she already has a lot of faith.

Corry is doing awesome ! we had her come to the women’s broadcast [she is still technically a laurel but whateves .. haha] she loved it ! when President Uchtdorf spoke she asked “when to we get to hear from the Prophet ?” we answered, “NEXT WEEK!” she loves coming to church and she prayed in gospel principles, her heart is so tender, we meet with her on Thursday and hopefully she will have her baptismal date picked ! we are still working on meeting her mom but her mom is okok with her wanting to be Mormon !

Matt is still interested, he is just a way busy senior in high school taking 3 AP classes and playing sax in the band. We are playing disc golf with him and some others tomorrow after school ! we are gonna have the elders [hawkes & pulley – our zone leaders] start teaching him as well as us.this amazing family .. the Huntleys .. are Methodist but are really close to a family in our ward .. the Cozzens .. well the Huntleys love the missionaries and the old elders in the area told them bits and pieces about the gospel but they haven’t ever had the “missionary lessons” SO we challenged them to take the lessons and they said YES ! me & s’ hood and the zone leaders are going to team teach this family starting this week !

mary & Cheyenne [34yr & 10yr] are sister and niece of sister zepnick [relief society presidency] we have been teaching them every other week .. we are getting them to pray and read the b of m but its been challenging for them .. so last night we challenged them that in the next 14 days they have to pray and read at least 7 times [pray 7 times, read 7 times] and if they do we will have a little ice cream thing for them ! so they challenged us [we read & pray all the time so that couldn’t be a challenge !] to run at least 7 miles in the next 14 days ! of course me and hood are gonna do it !!

some btws ..

hardees = carls jr.

toilet papering houses is the cool thing to do here in green bay

hmong people = asain descent .. come from Thailand & Louce [sp?] haha

disc golf is HUGE ! played my first game last week .. playing with the elders again today ! oh and

everyone plays volleyball ! i love it !the humidity here is intense .. its chilly here .. but the fall is AMAZING.

my favorite street here in green bay is Baird Creek Road .. the street curves and has a canopy of trees and the leaves are changing .. i NEED a camera [and time haha]there is also a train track [you know i love train yards and tracks !] right through Baird Creek and i can hear the sound of the train at night and reminds me of my home in utah !

the youth of zion are so amazing here .. it was homecoming this weekend and b.c. the dance is not up to their standards they held there own homecoming night ! and matt went to it with them !

i LOVED women’s broadcast ! “don’t let fear of failure scare you” – President Uchtdorf

enjoy General Conference this weekend .. we will be watching it at our church building b.c. it’s the stake center ! we are SO blessed to have a modern day Prophet to lead us and guide us .. i know he is truly called of God.

thank you for everything .. i cant say that enough !

love to all .. s’ warner

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