January 12, 2009

let us be faithful .. [01.12.09]

1 Nephi 7:12
"Yea, and how is it that ye have forgotten that the Lord is able to do all things according to his will, for the children of men, if it so be that they exercise faith in him? Wherefore, let us be faithful to him."

this work is guided and directed by the Lord .. ALL things are done in His will, time and according to our faith. that truth becomes stronger to me each week i am a missionary. as we are faithful the fruits of our labors are seen. CORRY's baptismal interview last Monday night went wonderful. she passed the qualifications for baptism with flying colors ! HER BAPTISM IS TONIGHT ! she is SO excited. after her interview last week i asked her, "how did you come the know what we have taught you is true ?" her answer was, "i know its true because i haven't given up on it." it brought tears to my eyes. being a part of Corry's journey to know the gospel of Jesus Christ is in its fullness and that it is true has been such an example of faith and strength to me. she is an amazing girl ! we are SO excited for TONIGHT .. that's for sure !

we reconnected with RACHEL this week. she was a referral from brother Torbenson in our ward. he got a hair cut from her awhile back and she is interested in learning more about the Mormon faith and we are more then willing to teach her !

district meetings each week are so uplifting and helpful ! i love it. this week we each taught a principle of The Restoration and it was great to get new insights on teaching from each of the elders and sisters.

in other news about transfers .. the TRIO of sisters is in ADAMS FRIENDSHIP .. NOT here in the GB ! we will get to see that trio of sisters tomorrow at Zone Conference so that will be exciting ! i love life with my baby girl black here in the GB !

my baby girl black is now my HMONG SISTER ! she got named my YING MUAS .. her name is PAJ DAWB = white flower. i am still obsessed with my Hmong name it is .. NKAUJ HLIS = beautiful moon .. [ speaking of the moon .. hasn't it been AMAZING the past two nights ? if anyone knows me they know of my obsession with the moon & the night sky .. i love it .. its SO beautiful ! ] i love ying muas.. she is our Hmong mommy !

the RIBBENS are so welcoming of us into their home. the elders and us made dinner with the WHOLE family this week and talked about gospel principles and their son/brother who is on a mission in Montana. they are such an amazing family. the relationship we have built with them is strong and growing and helping them come back to the gospel.

volleyball is continuing to prove fruitful, not only in my playing skills BUT our discussions and relationships with the women. we are becoming bolder with them and we need to continue too !

we had and amazing lesson with DIANE ANTHONY this week .. we taught her more about the plan of salvation and about the pre existence and how she and all of us lived with Heavenly Father before coming to this earth. she really enjoyed it and said it made sense. the spirit was so strong. we also got on the topic of smoking and found out that she does smoke but she has been trying to stop for years. we explained to her, like 1 nephi 7:12 says that we can do all things within our faith and with the Lords help, we committed her to cut down from the four she was having a day to just having 2 .. we are checking up with her each day and she so far is doing good !

Thursday was TRANSFERS ! e. pulley is now a ZL in APPLETON and e.oldham is the new ZL up here with e.jolley. e.oldham was assistant to the president for the last 7.5months so he just came up from Milwaukee ! he is from SPANISH FORK, UTAH so that makes him pretty cool !

we finally got to MILDRED O'LEARY [ MILLIE ] house ! she has been a referral from months and just hasn't had the time to meet with us. we delivered her DVD Lamb of God and she loved having us and the little we taught her. she wants to come to church next week !

we had another lesson with the TRUJILLO'S .. we taught about faith and as far as i could understand it went really well. we go with our WML .. Brother Robertson b.c. he speaks Spanish and knows the daughters so s.black will translate parts for me and i love it ! i have been able to pick up on more words and that's good ! i love that family. the two youngest daughters are five and three and they always draw me the best pictures and squiggles of colors !

UWGB starts in TWO WEEKS ! i am SO stocked. we are planning so many good things for this next semester .. i can't wait !

we have been visiting a lot of former investigators and from that we have found new potential investigators b.c. the formers have moved. the Lord blesses us !

i've been able to have answers to a lot of prayers and thoughts this week. the questions, doubts, fears, and inadequacy i have been experiencing have been answered through other prayers, teaching and bearing testimony of why i am here in Wisconsin. i know the Lord guides and directs me in spreading His gospel to the Wisconsinites. i know what i am teaching are true and correct principles. i am grateful for that knowledge. this is an amazing opportunity, blessing and experience that i have been given by the Lord and i am truly grateful and forever will be for ALL the help i receive from my family and friends. thank you.

another amazing experience this week will be the weather. the rumors are record lows of -50 with the windchill .. WOW .. we will keep you posted on our survival !

i love you all.
sister warner

[ btw .. i am going to have my family start posting my weekly email on my blog .. got the idea from my baby girl black ! so check it out on : http://m-elizabeth5.blogspot.com/ ]

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