January 12, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! [01.05.09]

its a new year .. 2009 !!!

starting a new year on a mission has made me realize a lot of things that i want to work on and be better at ! i have learned to love, like never before, GOAL SETTING ! it gives you something to strive for and work on and once you accomplish that goal you feel so good and you know can go beyond that b.c. you have already achieved it ! i love it.

this week green bay has turned into the ARTIC TUNDRA ! no joke. the roads are like ice skating rinks .. the trees are covered in a layer of ice .. the SNOW is NOT snow anymore .. its frozen ice. lets just say its very interesting .. we slip and slide A LOT but we def are being SAFE [i promise you marmie !]

CORRY's baptism is in ONE WEEK .. next monday eve she will enter the waters of baptism ! she is so excited .. nervous and excited .. she has the baptismal interview tonight with our DL e.morgan so that will be good. we had a lesson with her this week about this time on earth and now that she knows the gospel of Jesus Christ she gets to SHARE with others how it is true and will bless others lives. we committed her to pray for missionary opportunities and her baptism is already a HUGE one b.c. she invited ALL her family to come ! she is amazing !

one of my favs .. joselyn robertson [she is the oldest daugther of our WML] turned 16 ! she has been SO excited ! the dating age. so like the funny person i am we went over on new years eve morning to give her, her sweet sixteen present of chapstick and a pack of gum .. love the sister missionaries ! joselyn just laughed and her mom enjoyed it as well ! we like to think we are funny !

our NEW YEARS EVE 2008 was spent at the home of Bishop and Sister Huzzey .. we enjoyed a night of food, fun, laughter, card games, and of course EATING CONTESTS ! e.jolley still holds the winning record and i hold second place and bishop .. well he still comes in third ! one day i will beat e.jolley ! its my goal ! it was def diff to be on a mission and have new years .. my thoughts turned to my home of LA, my sisters and i, the rose parade and of course my marmies 7 layer dip !

i LOVE the RIBBENS family. they are amazing .. i will write more later on that subject. i am running out of TIME !

we spent the day in STURGEON BAY on saturday .. it was SO much fun and taught SO many wonderful people about the gospel .. we also went WAY out into the orchards and abandon barns of sturgeon bay for a media referral .. it was a BIT scary needless to say .. we called the ZL's to let them know what was up and that if we didnt call them back in 15mins to come and find us .. s.black and i are scarred little girls and we know how to freak ourselves out ! we were fine but we def got ourselves worked up !

we had another amazing lesson with DIANE ANTHONY .. sister doucette had us and her over for dinner and they found out they had a lot in common ! we taught her a little about the Plan of Salvation. i asked her "where did you think you were before this life ?" and she said that is something she had been wondering for a long time ! i am so grateful for the knowledge and testimony i was able to share with her about us all living with our Heavenly Father before we came to this earth. we are meeting with Diane this week and we are so excited to continue to teach her !

church this year is now at 1p .. that is quite the adjustment but it was good .. a lot of people who havent come in a while came b.c. the time change and it was so good to see there faces ! i love being a missionary !

this is the other big news of the week ! its TRANSFERS ! i am staying here in GB with my baby BUT a set of sisters in the mission have to go to a trio b.c. one sister is going home and NO sisters are coming out .. where will the 3rd sister go .. WE DONT KNOW .. but she could come here to GB .. we will find out tuesday eve ! the saddest news is that e.pulley is LEAVING .. he has been my 1st ZL that has been the same from the beginning ! we are sad that he is leaving this area but we are friends and will continue to be so ! haha

right now one of our goals this week is FINDING. WE NEED TO FIND. we are trying to FIND. we are using every effort to FIND. we have FAITH we will find those prepared here in GB .. pray for us !

send your love to me here in the GB :

sister warner
2970 mossy oak circle #85
green bay, wi 54311

I LOVE GETTING MAIL ! i love you all and thank you for your support and love.
sister warner

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