January 12, 2009

my first week as sister warner ! [08.20.08]

family ! my pday is wednesdays ! yes !the mtc is great .. well to be honest the first 5 days i did not feel it at all .. i was so tired and homesick but just 2 days ago on monday i found a renewed strength and i want nothing more than to be a missionary !

my comp is great .. from boise .. she is 24 which is really good .. we teach really well together .. the motto here is " a day is like a week and a week is like a day " SO TRUE ..

i can't believe its already been 1 week.funny story from the week .. so you know i am still blonde momo even though i have brown hair ..we were talking about the nature of God & how he shows his love for us .. i heard to read the scripture 3nephi 12:38 .. read it .. out loud in class i said "how does THAT show our H.F. loves us ??" then my district started laughing SO hard & said "s' warner its vs. 48" .. oh my lack of hearing abilities too ! haha

i love you all and am so grateful to be the Lord's missionary .. it feels good .. i really love wearing my placa everyday & elders & sisters saying hello sisters ! [the elders are pretty great here .. they open all the dorrs [even when i try to open them for them to serve them .. they wont let you] and they always take your trays at the meals .. so nice .. e' thompson i hope you were nice like that here ! haha]

oh btw .. i LOVED sydneys picture she drew me .. highlight of my day yesterday !

i love you and thank you so much for all the letters .. KEEP THEM COMING ! it brightens my day ! my disrtcit bets i get a letter everyday while i am here and so far its TRUE ! haha

d&c 11:21d&c 100:1-2

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