January 12, 2009

second week in GB ! [09.08.08]

1st WE ARE GOING TO THE OPENING PACKERS GAME TONIGHT ! we are doing service there tonight for the lions club so we can be seen and find new investigators .. so down .. watch the game tonight and think of me ! its getting a little chilly here btw ! haha

2nd I LOVE THIS WORK ..me and s' hood have been doing ALOT of planning for this transfer and howeve long we are together .. we have some great ideas and vision for the work here in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay .. this is our little 'vision' or 'motto' we wrote the other day !
"sister hood and sister warner's plan and policy to work the GB and SB areas .."

"we will not let a moment pass by without enjoying it. we will organize our time wisely and plan effectively to fulfill our purpse of baptizing members who own it. we will constantly find and teach quality investigators who will attend church weekly. our productive service will help us be among the quanity while finding the quality. as we are seen by the community we will invite at every opprotunity."

"by direction of the spirit we are lead to focus on the YSA's and youth of the area we represent. we will use our talents and gifts to attract them to the truth, which they know not where to find."
"with the support of the "bay area" members and their family mission plans, we will combine forces until the purposes of God have been accomplished. through the unshaken faith in Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ, we will be used as instruments to fulfill this plan and utimately His work and His glory."

me and s' hood wrote this and presented it to HF and things are happening .. its so amazing .. we will be working on the campus of UWGB and we are so excited .. the youth around here are so amazing and we have something more amazing to give to them.

we are super busy this week .. we are going up to Sturgeon Bay to work our 2nd area as well .. we have some quality investigators and the spirit is so strong in both me and s' hood .. life couldn't be better !

i love you all and thank you for your support .. pray that we might find those the Lord has prepared here in GB and also for those in Camiri Bolivia and e' thompson .. he needs it as much as i do ! haha

i love you all !
s' warner

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