January 12, 2009

GREEN BAY ! [09.05.08]

GUESS WHAT ?! my first area is GREEN BAY [ packers season baby ! ] .. i LOVE wisconsin .. i LOVE my comp .. s' HOOD .. she is from utah and we are so alike .. basically i got hooked up in the mission .. we have the sweetest area .. the sweetest apartment .. the sweetest companionship .. i seriously couldn't be happier .. real missionary life is so amazing .. it really is a labor of love and I LOVE IT ..

we cover green bay [ all of it .. basically .. we have elders up here w/ us too .. 2 sets of english, 1 set of hmong, & 1 set of spanish ] the sisters .. me & s' hood cover green bay & sturgeon bay .. this place is beautiful .. the weather isn't bad .. we are in a car area & we have a car .. i get to be the wonderful backer ! haha

basically i am so happy .. i am def tired & the days are long but really this is the work of the Lord & the Lord blesses !

my pdays are mondays but b.c. my comp is so down she is letting me tell you my address here in green bay real quick [ send me the love & mail yo ! ]:

sister melanie elizabeth warner
2970 mossy oak cir. #85
green bay, wi. 54311

i'm hoping i'll be in this area for awhile but i shall let you know ..

also best news EVER .. from april - october here in the mish we DON'T have to wear pantyhose ! YEAH ! feel. from october - april we do b.c. its so cold anyways !

funny story: first thing president barrett said to me when i got off the plane on tuesday was "your not as blonde as your picture looked" haha i love the barretts and i love wisconsin and i love being a missionary.

we have alot of investigators and the ward is amazing with helping us missionaries .. so please help out the missionaries whereves you are ! its so great. s' hood & i are def gonna work green bay !

i miss you all ! i will write more about this wonderful place and work on monday !
i love you.
sister warner

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