January 12, 2009

i love my mission ! [09.22.08]

This was my week:

Not yesterday Sunday but last Sunday me & s’hood were beat .. we did our planning way fast and just fell asleep at like 9p .. we forgot that our DL would call us for our weekly #’s and we slept through his phone calls .. our phone was still on vibrate from the day .. so at 12am we hear our buzzer go off in our apartment .. our ZL’s were outside our complex checking on us .. they were worried b.c. our DL couldn’t get ahold of us .. we felt so bad !

I appreciate institute and all the programs the church offers the youth and YSA so much more now .. setting up LDSSA has been a long process but now its official so starting this week we are have a booth on campus and we are going to teach about how to find answers to lifes greatest questions .. we are also teaching a bible & bofm class on that subject with the ZL’s once a week for the students at UWGB but it will be at the Ecumenical Center on campus .. I am so excited about that !

We are doing a lot of service in the greater green bay area so we can be seen in the community .. its great and we have a lot of opportunities to get investigators that way !

s’hood’s mom sent her a gps system this week so I don’t get her lost by trying to use the map ! hahaaaahh !

I cut my hair off ! pictures soon ! its way short .. easy to do ! the best comment was our Ward Mission Leaders 3year old daughter, Olivia, whispered to me “are you a boy ??” then a couple days later we saw Olivia and she had took scissors to her own hair and cut off her pretty locks and said to me “look, I’m like a boy !” oh sweet little girl !

we had 2 investigators at the YW/YM activity .. matt paider [17years old, his good friend Andrew, in our ward, introduced him to the church, matt has come to seminary once and to church twice, he is from a catholic background, very smart and very grounded, we taught him on Saturday about the plan of salvation, we are a little unsure about his stance right now but he is an amazing young man !] then there is corry [17year old girl who missionaries found a couple months ago .. she has been taught all the lessons by our ZL’s e’hawkes & e’pulley, and now they asked us to teach her and start over the lessons with her .. she is amazing and has had a hard life and the elders feel like we can relate well with her and we sure have .. we taught her with the elders last Thursday night and the spirit was amazing .. we talked a lot about the atonement and how not only does it cover our sins and repentance but He heals our wounds and our troubles .. I felt the spirit like I have never before .. ]

me & s’hood have the east side of green bay and the ZL’s the west side but we tag team all of green bay and its so good .. we work with each others investigators and it really makes the work so strong !

i LOVE my mission president .. president barrett is so inspired .. one reason why he is great is b.c. he invented the magnetic lasso tool for photoshop ! so cool .. he let me use illustrator to design our flyers and posters for the UWGB stuff !

zone conference was SO good .. the theme was on “repentance unto baptism” and making sure investigators are really ready to make that commitment .. the cool thing about that was the night before we taught corry and the elders asked her what her next step was .. they said baptism and that scared her for a moment b.c. she said she needed to work on things before she can make that commitment .. she so understands ! we are teaching her tonight .. me and s’hood studied all morning about how and what to teach her .. we are teaching her about the restoration and special emphasis on God’s love for her and prayer b.c. she feels like God does not love her b.c of her hard life .. we are hopefully going to clear all that up for her and pray for me & s’hood that we can teach her by the spirit and that she can feel God’s love for her .. we are also planning on having her pray for a baptismal date .. please pray that it will go well for us .. she is truly amazing and I know this gospel will bring her everlasting happiness and peace .. I know it does .. I have felt it in my life and I know that if you all pray you can find it too ..

one thing about green bay .. you CANT go to anyones house during a packers game .. its scary ! they will hate you forever ! haha

some cool/crazy things from this week :

I got a hmong name !!! so with the hmong culture they name you .. so me & s’hood went with the hmong elders to a dinner appointment at yang muas house .. all they do is look at you and name you .. i FEEL my hmong name ! me and s’hood are hmong sisters and we belong in the muas [moua .. that’s how you say it ] house ..

My hmong name is : Nkauj Hlis .. which means .. Beautiful like the Moon or Beautiful Moon ! you all know how OBSESSED I am with the moon ! and s’hoods is Nkauj Hnub .. it means beautiful like the sun ! I love the Hmongs !

Also Saturday we went to a Methodist mass .. it was interesting .. it made me appreciate the priesthood and the power in it ..

We went with the Spanish elders to a dinner appointment .. we had tacos .. after I had about 2 tacos they started laughing .. I didn’t understand what was going on .. they told me the taco meat was cow tongue .. so I had a 3rd ! haha it was actually good !

Some random facts about the mission:

We drive a 2008 chevy gold Malibu

Sisters get $155 month .. elders $145

Members usually feed us dinner and give us great referrals !!

also I have had NO brauts yet but I have had sausage .. I ate cow tongue so I think I am being pretty good with the meals ! haha

I love you all .. I am so grateful to be here in Wisconsin .. the Lord has made it aware to me that this is where I am supposed to be .. if only to have met corry and be companions with s’hood I know Wisconsin is the place to be .. there is so much more time and I am grateful to be the Lord’s instrument and to teach people how to come unto Christ and find everlasting happiness ..

Please pray that we might find more investigators and that we will be led to those that are prepared .. thank you for everything !

I love you all .. sister warner

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