January 23, 2009

BEST WEEK EVER ! [01.20.09]

really it has been. this is how is went ! [btw .. sorry we did not email yesterday but it was MLK Jr day and everywhere was closed .. also today is Obama's inauguration .. right ?]

on January 12, 2009 .. CORRINE GRACE SCHRAP entered the waters of baptism ! e.hawkes .. one of my very 1st ZL's performed the baptism ! it was a beautiful program .. all of Corry's family that she invited came ! her mother, her brothers, even her grandparents and aunt from Wauwatosa [down by Milwaukee] .. they enjoyed and supported Corry with all their hearts .. her grandpa was even brought to tears during the program [we gave him the elders # down in Wauwatosa and he said he is gonna do some "investigating" about the church] ! the YW bore there testimonies on how the gospel of Jesus Christ has improved their life and how blessed they were to get to know and be friends with sweet Corry ! it was an AMAZING night. Corry has been an answer to my prayers and has taught me so much, her strength and knowledge is amazing. she was confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost on January 18, 2009 by Brother Paul Robertson [our WML] the blessing he gave her was so beautiful and inspired. RIGHT AFTER she was confirmed a member of the church she gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting about the Book of Mormon ! it was AMAZING ! it brought me to tears but that is usually Corry's affect on me ! she spoke with the WHOLE Bishopric of the Green Bay 1st Ward and every single person referred back to Corry's talk .. seriously it was SO good. Corry is so amazing .. i cant explain just right how great she is ! we have also had really good talks with her brother JOHN about the gospel and Corry's example to him ! Corry is such a blessing to her family and will be to so many because her eyes radiate the light of Christ.

on 01.13.09 we had an amazing ZONE CONFERENCE .. all about faith in Jesus Christ .. it was just what i needed to start this transfer off right .. our spirits were fed by our wonderful President and Sister Barrett, President Jensen, The Assistants, and our Zone Leaders. i really love zone conference .. it is so fun getting to see other missionaries and exchange stories about areas but the training is def always needed and so helpful. this zone conference was with the Wausau Zone and us .. the Green Bay Zone .. we got to spend time with 3 other sisters in the mission, s.hamblin, s.bryner, & s.bishop .. they are all so great and its SO fun being SISTERS !

we had a wonderful dinner that night with the SPRY family .. RON SPRY is a convert and was active for 12years .. he hasn't been to church in over 20years and is now remarried to PAT SPRY who is an ex-nun and is very involved with the Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church. we talked to Ron a lot about faith and testimony .. that is what we are working on for him .. Pat is just so sweet and open and her faith in God is very strong. we invited both of them to come to Sacrament Meeting on 01.18.09 and Pat invited us to her Catholic Mass on that day as well .. SO we went to a Catholic Mass in the morning on 01.18.09 and it was very interesting .. the building was beautiful and it was different but a very good experience. Pat came WITHOUT Ron to Sacrament that afternoon and she said it was different but very good. it was SO good for Pat to be at Sacrament also b.c. ALL the talks were on THE BOOK OF MORMON ! it was really really good and the spirit was SO STRONG. i told her, "now you get to go home and tell Ron all that you learned !" she wants him so badly to find faith .. she thanked us for helping him and her .. it was also her first time coming to a Mormon Service !

VOLLEYBALL was so good this week .. i LOVE playing [just to brag for a sec .. i was serving and got 8 points in row .. i didn't know i served hard but the women asked me why i was taking my aggression out on them !] .. even more though i LOVE sharing the truths i know to be true with the women that come ! MARY is a regular @ vball and actually goes to church with the HUNTLEY family @ First United Methodist .. so that is a great connection and we had a wonderful talk about the gospel !

i LOVE so much our dear CARALYNN and JENI RIBBENS who come out on exchanges with us .. their willingness to come and be missionaries with us is beyond appreciated .. i love them .. and we always have funny stories to tell afterward ! my dearest jrib went with s.black who is still new to the area and despite jrib growing up and living her whole life in the GB she is very directionally challenged .. now i was with caralynn who knows directions and how to get around the GB so i should have given my baby girl black my GPS ["Paulette" is her name and i am so grateful i have her :)] but i forgot SO jrib and s.black got LOST pretty much the whole afternoon .. s.black called so many people for directions .. when she was telling me about it all i could do was laugh .. oh how i love her .. she even called e.pulley who is now in Appleton b.c. he knows GB like the back of his hand ! oh it was a grand time !

while i was with caralynn .. we delivered a bofm and bible to LINDA .. she was ever so grateful and really interested in the bofm as well ! me and caralynn were SO excited ! how amazing the bofm really is .. how it can change our lives .. how it is really true .. i am so grateful to know these truths !

i LOVE the YW .. they are so good about inviting their friends to come and participate in activities and feel of the spirit that abounds in them !

we are getting everything organized and planned out for UWGB .. the semester and institute starts NEXT WEEK ! i am so excited for the activities and progress that is gonna happen ! on

01.15 & 01.16 we hit records of -40 with windchill ! s.black and i put on 3 or 4 long sleeve shirts .. 2 pairs of tights and thermal bottoms and about 3 pairs of socks .. in our minds WE BOTH thought once we breathed the air outside we would literally be on the ground DEAD .. haha .. we SURVIVED .. it actually wasn't that bad .. you just get colder faster but we had appointments and places to go to so we just went from car to house .. house to car .. needless to say we were a bit scared BUT because of that we were PREPARED !

STURGEON BAY ! STURGEON BAY ! STURGEON BAY ! oh how i love that little peninsula of Wisconsin. we have SO much to do there ! its so hard to split our time up between areas .. BUT we got to do it .. we had great visits with KIM STRUCK and TOM KRUCK and CAREY OTTO and the rest of the STRUCK family @ CULVERS .. oh how my love of CUSTARD grows more each day !

we had 4 non members come to church on Sunday 01.18.09 .. Corry's mom and brother, john .. pat spry and FARRAH ! FARRAH is 14 and was introduced to the church through a member in the GB 2nd ward .. her mom is IRIS, she is PERUVIAN and she is investigating the Spanish branch but Farrah her daughter feels more comfortable in the English ward so we are working together with the Spanish elders for both of their progression. the Spanish elders told us that she cooks amazing Peruvian food so i am down to go visit her casa ! haha

my baby girl black got sick on sunday during church .. she had to lay on the couch at our dinner appt and i took her straight home afterwards and she went to bed .. it was just a 24hour thing b.c. yesterday she woke up and felt a lot better and was really hungry so i made us some scrambled eggs for breakfast !

YESTERDAY WAS THE BEST .. it was Martin Luther King Jr Day and here in Wisconsin the kids DO NOT get the day off .. that was weird for me b.c. we always got the day off in SoCal BUT the point is that DIANE's church was having a HUGE CELEBRATION and she invited us to come .. [so in 1week s.black and i went to a Catholic Mass and a Pentecostal Church and YES we are still very much MORMONS !] it was the coolest thing ever .. they did have JAMES JONES .. wide receiver for the GB Packers come and speak .. they had tons of music and one man read MLK's "I have a Dream" speech .. it was pretty amazing. Diane is going to come to the Mormon Church this coming week ! she is doing better on the quitting smoking .. she just needs to quit ALL the way.

we spent some time at the RIBBENS yesterday playing some games and of course getting CUSTARD @ CULVERS ! later we had a wonderful FHE with Corry and the Carlsruh .. oh how i love being a missionary and the gospel of Jesus Christ changing peoples lives.

this week is another GREAT WEEK ahead of us .. lots to do .. lots to be grateful for .. i love love my life.

thank you for everything !
.. love to all ..
.sister warner.