January 12, 2009

wisconsin is white ! [12.08.08]

Doctrine & Covenants 11:13
"Verily, verily, I say unto you, I will impart unto you of my Spirit, which shall enlighten your mind, which shall fill your soul with joy"

my soul is filled with joy. i am SO happy. i cannot stop saying that. the spirit is always abounding and its a blessing to be an instrument in the Lords hands. we taught our wonderful CORRY this week. she is reading a page of PMG each day and doing the scripture study and activity on each chapter ! we were going over what she studied and on of the questions was "what effect has his [joseph smith] decision to study and seek had in your life ?" corry wrote on the side of her PMG "too much to write .. life is clear." she is amazing ! we are preparing her for her baptism at the beginning of the year and she is just so excited. still a little nervous but she is so happy and for once in her life everything is clear. corry is such a great example to me. my life has been so clear since i have been on my mission. its taken me a little while to fully appreciate this opportunity i have been given and now that i have really realized how in love i am with wisconsin and being a missionary i cant stop yelling "i am SO happy !" i can already feel that the 15months i have left is NOT enough time. there is so much to be done !

first off i want everyone to know [especially my marmie warner !] that i am driving SAFE SAFE in this wisconsin snow ! wisconsin trully is a winter wonderland. i love it. yesterday as we were driving to church the Malibu tells you the temperature ans we park underground at ye olde pheasant run and as we were driving the temperature rapidly dropped from 45 degrees underground to -1 degree outside ! and that was @ 8:30am .. i am too scared to know what it gets down to in the wee hours of the night ! the cold here really is bone chilling. its insane. phoenix [s.black] and LA [s.warner] are gonna be Popsicles !

we are getting a lot of media referrals for church movies such as Joy to the World and The Lamb of God adn we are teaching DIANE ANTHONY on day st b.c. of a media referral ! [apparently that is the worst street on the east side of GB but black & i are from phoenix & LA .. i think we will be okok ! we say an extra prayer though .. just in case !] we taught her about the restoration this week and it went really well .. she said she is searching for more truth and we have a return appt this coming saturday !

i LOVE the members of the GB1st ward ! we had dinner at the Millets this week and we asked them if they knew anyone who we could share a message about Jesus Christ with and they gave us 3 REFERRALS ! we have a new district this transfer b.c. our last DL [e.yates] went home from his mission trip ! we are now part of the manitowac/two rivers district and e.morgan [who is friends with my KATIE B.] is our new DL .. he is SO down ! we has a great district meeting this week on how to stay warm and productive during this winter season ! we are gonna pack our schedules with teaching appts so we stay out of the cold !

this week on UWGB we are doing "MORMON MYTHBUSTERS". we go to soup4soul every tuesday night at the EC and we talk/teach SO many students and we are doing the mythbusters right after soup this tuesday 9th. we have had a box on campus and @ the EC for a week where students could submit questions/myths and our panel will answer them after soup ! our panel is Bishop & Sister Huzzey, Brother Carlsruh [institute teacher & YSA supervisor], Brother Robertson [WML] and Sister Louthain [Stake Primary]. alot of the questions so far have been about polygamy ! we put this together with the elders pretty fast but i know the Lord will bless us with a great turnout ! volleyball with the women continues to be SO fun & So good ! one of the ladies, ELLEN, came to the GB1st Ward Christmas Party [THE WARD PARTY WAS A HIT .. and i was the photographer for the nativity .. btw] and she ALSO came to church the next day to sing with 2 of our members that play volleyball ! they all sang in the spanish branch but they translated for her and she enjoyed herself !

s.black and i are getting more warm clothes ! its insane .. sometimes i feel like RALPHIE off "A Christmas Story" for how many layers i put on .. and this is just the beginning everyone says ! we just cant imagine it getting worse but we know its coming ! yesterday e.jolley told me to just breathe in through my nose and you could feel ice in your nose ! it was crazy ! we spent an evening with the HUNTLEYS this week and had fun sharing stories about Christmas traditions ! i told of how i tried last Christmas Eve to get my sisters and marmie to sing Christmas songs with mbe but they WOULDN'T have it ! i told them that i am DEF having them sing over the phone with me this year ! i am counting down the days FAMILY till i get to hear your voice so get ready to SING too !

we helped at the Jingle Bell Walk/Run @ UWGB and it was such an effective service ! students recognized us & we got to meet more students and invite them to the Mormon MythBusters ! and then one lady asked me "ARE YOU REALLY A NUN ?" haha we are working more with the

TRUJILLO family. s.black speaks spanish [she's taken 7years of it !] and she is gonna teach me ! the spanish elders are also working with them ! they have 5 ninas from ages 13-3 and we are gonna get the daughters active in the YW program !

yesterday was a big kickoff to CHRISTMAS .. the holidays are here ! we spent time @ WML Robertsons and made sugar cookie, strung popcorn for the tree and sang Christmas Songs next to the piano ! it was the perfect way to start off the holidays. this Christmas in wisconsin will actually be my VERY FIRST WHITE CHRISTMAS ! even though i was in Utah for the snow i always went home to LA and Christmas there is like 80 degrees !

to end the perfect sabbath we had the FIRST PRESIDENCY CHRISTMAS DEVOTIONAL ! i loved all the holiday traditions spoken of but what i especially enjoyed was the life of Christ and His amazing gift He gave us. "remember, appreciate and receive the gift of our Savior, Jesus Christ." - President Monson this holiday season is a perfect time to talk to people about the gospel of Jesus Christ and His life and example to us. just like President Monson said let us all "make time in our lives and room in our hearts for our Savior."

i love this holiday season and i love being able to spend it as a missionary and share the life of Christ with those around me. i couldnt be happier. its amazing !

THE LORD BLESSES US ! [i love you hood !]
don't forget : Sister P. Hailey Hood's Mission Homecoming
Fox Point Ward
1465 W 8440 S
West Jordan, UT
‎Sunday December 141:00pm
be there. she is wonderful. this week is gonna be a crazy one too !

we have ZONE CONFERENCE .. Christmas Style .. i am SO excited ! i love you all. i miss you all [especially if your in warm sun !] i do love this white place of wisconsin !

love to you all.

p.s i am pretty sure i saw my beautiful MCKENZIE HARPER playing her violin with the orchestra at temple square @ the Christmas Devotional Broadcast .. i love you kenz !

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