January 12, 2009

lovin the bay .. green bay ! [09.15.08]

first the packer game last week .. SO DOWN ! they won which was great .. green bay is crazy when it comes to the packers ! haha people do still love farve but they are starting to feel rodgers now !

we are doing so much work on the UWGB campus and it is SO good .. we just set up the LDSSA with the help of a student of course ! haha but its coming along.

this last weekend was the green bay stake conference .. so good and all about missionary work and how to help out the missionaries !

this coming weekend is zone conference .. we are looking forward to that !
people love and laugh when i say i am from LA .. its usually b.c. they say get ready for the winter ! haha

its so great being able to use your talents along with missionary work .. i am so grateful for my photography degree and my art background .. we are going to be doing service next week at this local art auction ! so excited !

i went up to algoma and sturgeon bay ! so amazingly beautiful ..

ALSO i did my first tracting in algoma .. uh .. i do not feel tracting and getting doors slammed in your face but hey thats the life right ! hahawe do alot of service in the community so we don't tract expect the other night in algoma ! haha

missionary life is good .. teaching is good .. we taught mary [mom] and cheyenne [10yr old daughter] last night about faith and i started crying .. no big deal .. haha .. it was so good !

i love you all and miss you all but the work of God is amazing ..
ts starting to get cold here in green bay so pray i do not freeze in the coming months !
love to all .. s' warner

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