January 12, 2009

our last week together .. [11.24.08]

this last week was the last week sister hood and i had together .. tonight we drive to milwaukee and spend the day together there on tuesday, visiting her recent converts down there and then on WEDNESDAY november 25 @ about 9am i meet my NEW COMPANION ! i am SO excited ! it still hasnt sunk in that i will be senior comp and training .. especially b.c. i have to start DRIVING now ! AAHHH ! but i am excited for this next journey ..

so first and foremost The Mormon Trek Through History aka "TORBY DELUXE" was AMAZING ! we had over 50 people there and about 10 of them were UWGB STUDENTS who had seen our flyers/stopped by the booth and CAME ! Dr. [Sister] Susan Torbenson gave a GREAT presentation on where the "Mormons" fit into US History and how they associated with each US President .. it was really interesting .. i learned A LOT ! it was a great success ! the BOOTH that we had on campus went really well .. the elders we serve around were so good in
helping us staff times so that missionaries could be present on campus all day !

after district meeting this last week sister hood and i did a little "kick off to christmas" FEAST .. and it was a feast ! we cooked a ham, potatoes, yams .. the WHOLE works ! we did it for the elders that we serve around so there was about 16 of us ! it was DELICIOUS !

VOLLEYBALL was SO good this week .. the women are asking MORE and MORE questions .. which is so good .. we have been able to teach them about the restoration and build good friendships with them and of course improve our volleyball skills !

i am SO grateful for the talents the my Heavenly Father has given me and that i CAN USE them on MY MISSION ! Stake President Greg Krehbiel and his wife Mary invited us to Thanksgiving Dinner this weekend and asked if i could take their FAMILY PORTRAIT ! it was so fun to have a camera in my hands again ! i loved it !

we had a fun night at the YOUNGS .. they are a young married couple that just moved into our ward from HAWAII [he is in the marines] and they are so good to help out the missionaries .. we had supper, games and a spiritual thought and CORRY came and some youth from the GB Ward and it was SO fun !

we went up to STURGEON BAY on friday night for their annual "Harvest Feast" and it was SO good .. Jack & Jessie Burchardt brought their long time friend CAREY OTTO ! i was talking to sweet carey and she was asking me about what i do as a missionary and i told her "we teach others about the restoration of the gospel of jesus christ and that there is a prophet on the earth today!" and she asked us how she could learn more and of course i was ALMOST jumping out of my chair and i said [calmly] "WE CAN TEACH YOU MORE!" she will be the newest member of the Sturgeon Bay Branch in no time ! we gave her a copy of the book of mormon that night and she kept asking me "how much does it cost?" .. "NOTHING" i would reply every time ! she was so great !

also i had the opportunity to be in Sturgeon Bay again on sunday [ yesterday ] President Robertson asked me to speak .. Heather Millett, one of the YW in the GB Ward came with me and bore a sweet testimony and then gave the remainder 40 minutes for ME to speak ! haha it went really good .. i actually won the heart of sweet old JACK BURCHARDT [ the funny thing about this is jack doesnt really like anyone ! sister robertson told me this was something i MUST write home about ! haha ] Jack came up to me after the meeting was over and said to me, "if i could have a 3rd daughter it would be you" .. Sister Robertsons look was classic .. she almost fell out of her chair from his compliment ! the only other person dear old Jack liked in Sturgeon Bay was Elder Hawkes [ he was trained in Sturgeon Bay and is obsessed with it ! ] i will see him this week in milwaukee and let him know hes got some competition in the STURG !
we are so BUSY up here in GB & SB and the new baby girls first day in the field is THANKSGIVING ! we are gonna have such a good day .. we have service in the morning and then a whole bunch of Thanksgiving Dinners to attend !

ALSO we are gonna have a WHITE THANKSGIVING .. sister hood and i jumped out of bed this morning to find everything COVERED in WHITE SNOW ! its BEAUTIFUL ! i am so LUCKY and so GRATEFUL to have such a WONDERFUL MOTHER that sent me a bunch of WARM things right in time .. THANK YOU MOM for the best pre christmas package ever ! i love you !
i really like this scripture we read this week and it has made me think a lot about California and the contention going on there ..

ALMA 58:40
"But behold, they have received many wounds; nevertheless they stand fast in that liberty wherewith God has made them free; and they are strict to remember the Lord their God from day to day; yea, they do observe to keep his statutes, and his judgments, and his commandments continually; and their faith is strong in the prophecies concerning that which is to come."


thank you for all your support and love and prayers .. im onto a new adventure in my mission and i am so excited !
sister warner

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